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    Which vegetables should be avoided by the diabetic persons?

    Want to learn the dietary restrictions needed for diabetic persons, Is there any vegetables that should be avoided by the diabetic persons?

    The diabetic persons have to be careful in their diet and certain food items are not recommended for the diabetic patients. I am particularly interested in knowing about the vegetables. Which vegetables should be avoided by the diabetic persons and which vegetables are recommended for such persons?
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    One should avoid food with a high glycemic index -- that is food that has ability to raise the blood sugar.
    Most root vegetables (that grow below the soil) such as beets, potatoes, yam and other starchy vegetables such as plantains, sweet pumpkin, are best avoided by diabetics.

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    When you have a diabetes you're supposed to avoid the starch based vegetables and food. In case of starch based vegetables, you are asked to avoid potato, sweet potato, muli, carrot etc. These are some of the vegetables that need to be avoided. You are also expected to avoid the fruits which are sweet in nature. For example, grapes, mango, strawberry, raspberry and few other specific food. Do also note that banana and pineapple are only good if you have type 1 diabetes. For those with type 2 diabetes you'd find that it may affect your health too. Fruit juice is also not good for the health either. And you have to avoid foods that are combination of starch and sugar based fruits and vegetables.

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    Diabetic patients can eat almost every kind of vegetable, but should limit their amount as per the nutrients present in them. Though they are packed with nutrients, some of them may carry high calorie in the form of carbohydrates. This in turn will increase the blood sugar level. Thus, these kinds of vegetables can be taken, but in limited amounts, whereas other vegetables, which are low in carbohydrates can be eaten in large amount. Also, diabetic patients can suffer from other kinds of diseases and disorders too and thus they should carefully choose their vegetables based on those conditions too.

    Vegetables which are good for diabetic patients:-
    1) Green leafy vegetables- They are low in carbohydrates as well as packed with high nutrients and thus can be consumed in large amount without giving it a second thought. Spinach, parsley, fenugreek leaves all can be consumed in the form of juices or else in the form of huge plate of salad.
    2) Tomatoes- They are rich in antioxidants. Particularly cooked tomatoes with small amount of olive oil sprinkled on it will do more good in diabetic patients.
    3) Bell pepper- All three yellow, green and red varieties can be consumed freely.
    4) Carrots- They are rich in vitamins and should be consumed but in small amount as they tend to carry certain sugar in them.
    5) Sweet potatoes- Very small piece can be eaten and should always be preferred to white potatoes.
    6) Cauliflower- Increases metabolism.
    7) Broccoli- Interferes with thyroid medication which is usually given to diabetic patients getting prone to thyroid conditions.

    Vegetables which are not good for diabetic patients:-
    1) White potatoes- They are very starchy and thus should be avoided in any form, particularly in fried form and also they carry a lot of fat amount in them.
    2) Never go for canned vegetables.
    3) Do not consume pickles, no matter how many vegetables are packed in them as that can be the worst food one can ever consume to worsen situation.

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    In case of diabetic patients, the green and leafy vegetables are very much benificial because of presence of abundant antioxidants and essential vitamins like Vitamins A, B, C and K. A few vegetables benificial for the diabetic people are indicated below-
    1) Spinach, Lettuce,Beans, Broccoli and Brussels contain low calorie and rich in Calcium,Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin A, B, C and K apart from high diatery - fibre. Such constituents make these vegetables make excellent substitute for the diabetic people.
    2) Tomatoes- Raw Tomatoes must be included in the diet since Tomatoes contain Lycopene, which can contain the severity of the disease. In addition to Lycopene, Tomatoes are rich in Calcium, Phosphorous, Folates, Potassium and other essential Vitamins such as A, C and K enabling it to make the same as the excellent choice to used as raw salads.
    3) Carrots - Carrots contain Beta - carotene and other invaluable minerals such as Magnesium, Vitamines A, B, C and K and such combination of antioxidants is very useful in maintaining the sugar - level.
    4) Allum families such as Onion and Garlic do play very effective roles in curbing excess sugar. Hence these may be included in the raw - form to get the full benifits of these families.
    5) Sweet - potatoes in small quantities must be included to reap the benifits of the minerals associated with this vegetables.
    6) Bitter - melon- This vegetables enhances the insulin level and as such this is an excellent substitute. Moreover, this contains abundant amount of Vitamin C and A with other minerals like Calcium, Potassium etc.
    The diabetic people must take care to avoid Potatoes since this contains GI beyond 70 and its usage may surge glucose level.

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