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    Is taking too much antibiotics harmful?

    Have a query about antibiotics? Wondering about harmful effects of taking antibiotics? On this page experts shall answer your queries.

    It is said that antibiotics may not necessarily be taken in simple cases of cold and cough etc. which are automatically taken care of by the human body's natural immune system. Is it so and is taking too much antibiotics harmful? If so then what are the possible harmful effects of taking too much antibiotics?
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  • Yes, taking antibiotic medicine regularly may become the cause of side effects. Whenever you need to have antibiotic, just have it with other prescribed medicines. Better you consult with doctors and follow as per his advice.

  • Antibiotic medicines are prescribed by a competent doctor by observing the severity of the diseases. May be the doctor may recommend a blood test in case he is suspecting the fever and other related symptoms of a particular disease such as Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Typhoid etc. and depending upon the blood report he may proceed with a treatment with an appropriate antibiotic and for which duration and quantity of the drug has to be followed religiously. We have to remain under the close supervision of the doctor and do the doses of the medicine and timing is strictly maintained so that relapse of the disease does not occur.
    For cough and cold, it is not desirable to resort to antibiotic treatment since by doing so,we are suppressing our immunity system and so self medication of antibiotics is dangerous.
    The possible side effects of excess taking of antibiotics are the liver damage, weakness, loose motion or constipation, kidney problem etc.

  • Antibiotics affecting the blood cells if taken in too much proportion affects negatively on the body. Some of the common side effects of the antibiotics are - vomiting, feeling dizzy, less energy in the body, depression, immunity being affected etc. So even the doctors these days recommend mild medicines during the earlier stage of the issue. Unless the issue has reached its severity, doctors don't recommend the antibiotic. If any doctor is giving antibiotic even for mild fever or some mild level symptoms, then that would be harmful for the patients. And in such case it'd be wise to take second opinion.

  • use of excessive antibiotics is not good for health as it is founded by research in USA. Use of antibiotics reduces our resistance to disease and the bacteria becomes drug-resistant. After sometime antibiotics medicines will not work and the infection can not be control.Hence fear of death become strong. So do not use antibiotics medicines until it is must.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • Yes, human body has a strong immune system which will automatically take care of all the pathogens and foreign body that enters it by killing them. It increases the body temperature which will act in its defense. Increased temperature of the body provides these pathogens unsuitable environment and thus they cannot sustain and multiply, thereby gradually decreasing them in number and eventually getting rid of them. An individual then can return back to his normal health. However, we do not want to go through whole procedure and since do not want to suffer from high temperature and want to readily cure our body, we go for medications which decreases body temperature as well as antibiotics which will help to get rid of microbes which have resulted in fever and infections.

    Even slight infections like common cold which gets corrected by themselves are now treated by strong antibiotics. Our body's immune system itself can correct these sorts of infections which usually occur due to weather changes. Immune system produces antibodies and at the same time specialized cells in our body are triggered. Due to these changes, toxin producing micro-organisms in our body are destroyed or at least neutralized.

    Antibiotics on the other hand cannot differentiate between good and bad micro-organisms and thus put an end to both. Our body needs good microbes for various activities and when next time pathogens make an entry in our body our immune system will become more weak as we have very less population of good microbes doing good to our body.

    Antibiotics are making microbes resistant day by day. Thus, we are needing more and more powerful antibiotics with heavier dose. Microbes are passing resistance to their offspring and this resistance they have developed is difficult to cure with lighter dose of antibiotics. Viruses which are usually responsible for causing common cold, flu etc..... should never be treated with antibiotics because antibiotics are not meant to be targeted towards viruses. They are only meant for bacteria and other serious pathogens.

    Harmful effects of excessive intake of antibiotics:-
    1) Natural balance of gut gets disturbed thereby killing good bacteria which are very useful for the digestive purposes.
    2) Harmful bacteria present in gut increases in number as the balance is disturbed and become resistant to antibiotics doing more harm to the body.
    3) Good bacteria can turn into harmful one by antibiotics.
    4) Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is developing at a very rapid pace.
    5) Resistance to antibiotics is responsible for increasing medical costs as prolonged and more expensive treatment demands is developing.
    6) More and more people are suffering from diarrhea due to excess intake of antibiotics.
    7) Pneumoccal infections like pneumonia, meningitis, ear infections, tuberculosis etc..... have become difficult to treat due to resistance offered by microbes.

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