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    What type of maths is necessary to be commanded for a career in rocket science at reasearch level

    What should be the necessary career step or education procedure to take for a student of class 9 in ISCE board, to become a rocket scientist

    I wanted to study rocket science in IIT at the research level but my maths is so weak I am currently in class 9th in ISCE board , is it necessary to have good command in maths to have a good career in rocket science , and is it is necessary then what type of maths and which branch of maths is necessary to be commanded from class 9th........
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    Maths get embedded into physics and chemistry after your 12th standard. So the subject that you see up-to graduation has the maths in them. For example signals and system, one of the subject for the electronics engineering which is also common for post graduation in rocket science, makes use of the maths in it (Fourier transform). And apart from that there are some of the subjects which have maths focused for their understanding. If you opt for science up-to 12th, and there onward choose engineering, you'd not be needing the maths stream specifically to the rocket engineering.

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    It is very important to learn and understand mathematics for higher studies in the field of rocket science or space science. The syllabus of various classes is scientifically designed by the experts of the subjects. The same applies in the case of mathematics also. Learning mathematics starts with learning numbers and arithmetic. Therefore the author may, first of all, start learning the numbers, memorizing tables and arithmetics.

    There is no issue involve in case the author has reached class IX. level. He can very well start at scratch level by buying the textbooks of the previous years. Without having a firm foundation further studies in the field of mathematics may prove difficult or impossible after certain level as for understanding the basic principles involved in rocket science, rote learning technique doesn't work.

    After learning arithmetic of the primary level, various branches of mathematics like algebra, calculus, trigonometry etc. will automatically get added in phased manner till 10+2 level as prescribed in the syllabus. The author has to fully understand only the prescribed course.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mathematics is the essential component in the Engineering - field, be it a rocket - science or any branch what so ever. Moreover, you will see that the mathematics is so amalgamated that while doing Calculas, you are supposed to know the Algebraical - process to arrive at the result. So, to be proficient in Mathematics, you are not supposed to forget any section say Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry etc even you must have command in each and every section being taught earlier. In this case, you have to to understand that all the sections of Mathematics are inter- related and no part can be omitted. So the importance of this subject has to be realised in a right persepective.
    Now coming to the discussion of Engineering - streams in all the branches, you need to apply Mathematical - formulaes especially in Eletronics, Electrical - engineering, Rocket - engineering etc.
    At this stage, your prime task is to understand the different sections of Mathematics so that it would be easier for you to apply this fundamentals at the later stage while doing your Engineering - course.

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