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    What programming has the best scope in IT field

    Interested in making a career in IT field? Confused about the best programming language? On this Ask Expert page you will get resolution to all your queries.

    I had completed my degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering of 2015 batch and still I am a fresher.
    I am interest in IT.
    Which language has the best scope in IT field.
    Is this language also easy to learn?
    I am interested in learning JAVA.
    Experts: do advice.
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    JAVA, .Net are good scope languages to find jobs. Check out Web development languages like ASP.NET,JAVAscript,PHP,C and C++.
    When you are recruited then employer decides and train you as per their business requirement. So you don't decide and worry now what language to choose. Choose a good institute and do certification in particular language e.g. JAVA. This gives attention to IT companies for recruitment to you. If you are lucky then who knows you will get the same technology to work in. I recommend CDAC for learning and doing courses.

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    Thanks for your kind advice...,I decide to learn java.

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    In terms of easy to learn you'd find python and ruby to easy to learn. In case of easy to get a job, you'd find Java and C# being two dominant programming languages. And also the MNC infrastructure is mostly on Java and C#.

    If you are more interested in scope and the job satisfaction, then Java can be one good programming language to invest into. Also the career growth has more for java than any other language.

    You should try one of the two ways to use Java for your career. One is learning android programming or second go with J2EE. That way you'd decide on the right path for the job and also career scope.

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    The best approach to learning a programming language nowadays would be to build solid foundations in OOP.
    Java is one of the best OOP languages at present, so you can try your hand at Java.
    IF your OOPS concepts are excellent in future you will not have any major problems with other languages and MVC frameworks.

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    The best way to undertake any programming should depend upon the market - requirement. Java, C++, Oracle are the right programming to be persued. Even SAP can be practiced for your better future - growth.
    What is needed is to choose a right institute such as NIIT, APTECH etc to learn the programming so that you will have solid foundation in the language is chosen by you.
    Be confident and cool before the interview - board so that you can face the Board confidently.

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    Thanks very much,,..Author: Mahesh sir

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    Thanks for all your guidance..,

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    which programming language is best suitable for job
    java or c#.

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    I work as a Software Developer. I would like to clear few points. It is good that you like to learn programming. Beginners tend to ask the preference of language quite often. I am not underestimating the question, but you need to think it in a different angle. A programming language is a tool to develop software. You may make use of a particular programming language to develop some software, the reason being the upper hand of that particular language in the domain. As a beginner, you may go through the fundamentals of computer science. It will be better you understand the concepts. You may select C, C++ or Java or whichever language. As every individual's tastes are different, suggesting a particular language is tricky. So I suggest you to understand the basics first and then reach a position to differentiate the programming language. This makes you strong to select your taste rather than a suggestion from some unknown without the knowledge of your interest.

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    If you want to go for web development then there are two types of developers one is front end and other is back-end if you want to go for front end development then go for html and css in the basics as these to languages are easy to learn and after that go for latest technologies like bootstrap, angularjs etc as at present angular js and angular 2 are treading with lots of jobs openings to fulfill and if you want to go for back-end technologies then go for php and database understanding of mysql.

    If you want to go for desktop and embedded software then choose c / c++ and also c++ is considered as basic object oriented programming to get learned so you can able to build good foundation of programming.

    if you want to go for applications development then go for java as for android development, c# or for windows application development, objective-c or swift for ios application development.

    so choose you programming language according to your interest of working and choose the industry and company according to your skills of programming language. as every programming language is hard until to get to learn it fully.

    Best of Luck

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    Learning a programming language is easy but hard to master. When I was first intrigued to learn codes, I started to learn HTML & HTML5. You end up with searching the best language that suits. However, I started to learn C language that help me understand the basice of coding to help me get started. The advanced and intermediate course takes a time to understand. Then, I opt for Java to develop Android applications.

    To become a coder, one needs to learn HTML, C and Java. HTML is required if you are going to learn C or any programming language.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    I think any programming language can be good like jave ,.net but there are lot of competition in that if you want to really find job and good career then go for Professional ERP course like SAP,ORACLE,SQL and Microsoft ERP. Microsoft ERP is like Axapta ,Dynamics 365,CRM,Navision etc.

    To get jobs in ERP you need to do certification. SAP certification is much costly so you can select Microsoft which is on reasonable price and you can attend many times.

    Microsoft dynamics Axapta market is on growth position in the market so not much competition also you can get job easily but companies are limited so you need to well prepare for interview.

    Myself was struggling in .net previous days but after selecting ERP my career is on right track.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Hey dear ,
    i am student of computer engineering in third year. Everyone start with c , cpp programming language then move to others .I want tell u that for web developer point of view there are two fields.

    1. Front End Development

    2. Back End Development

    FRONT END DEVELOPMENT : It is basically related with user inter face development.You can make interactive web designs. There are special languages but not more html, css,javascript,angularjs etc.They are relatively easy to learn and understand. is the best website to learn these programming languages.

    PAY SCALE : 4-8 lakhs per year

    BACK END DEVELOPMENT : It is basically related with database handling and connectivity.There are languages like php , java, python etc are used for database connectivity and mysql ,oracle,mongodb etc are used to store the data .One can learn these easily .

    PAY SCALE : 8-12 lakhs per year

    NOTE :Apart from above if you are interested in competitive programming then go with c , cpp or python.

    PAY SCALE : 12-20 lakhs per year

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