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    Do street food vendors require permission from any Government organization?

    Indian laws to regulate or moderate the the work permit of the street vendors. What are government rules and permissions for vending on streets?

    In almost all cities many street food vendors can be seen. Is there any law in India to regulate such vendors? Do the street food vendors require permission from any Government organization? In case so then who is the competent authority to issue such permission?
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  • Yes, almost every street food vendor is expected to register. As per the Street Vendors Act, 2014 there is a provision for the license. However, that is being disputed by most of the common vendors. There is also an association of such vendors who are educating on the laws and the other social issues of such vendors. In case of the permission, there are some of the policies that need to be taken care of while distributing the food. Things such as food hygiene training and also food quality are something that is being notified too.

  • The street food vendors are required to be registered before initiating their business as per street vendor act introduced in 2014, they are to be licensed for their business. Prior to this, they were licensed either through Municipality or from the Town administration in case of public undertakings. The food vendors are inspected for the quality of food, the oil being used for cooking and other hygienic conditions. Any violation of these aspects may lead to cancellation of licenses of the defaulted food vendors.
    Apart from this the license is subject to renewal after the expiry of the period. They have to take permission from the authorised agencies in all the cases such as Municipalities, the Corporations or other governing bodies applicable to them.

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