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    Can a B.Com. student become a Hadoop developer

    Unsure of a B.Com student can become a Hadoop developer? Looking out for information about the same? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am a desktop engineer since 4 to 5 years. I have pursued B.Com from distance education. I have strong mind to jump into software industry. Eventually I heard about Hadoop programming and have I decided to do same. I need some guidance for the same or any other software course which will make more helpful me.
    Awaiting advice.
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    Yes, you can become a Hadoop expert after pursuing a short term course for the same. As you are already working as a desktop engineer for 4-5 years, you have an idea about basics related to software and hardware, internet and some other basic tools.
    So, you experience will support in learning.
    There are many private institute offering this course even with good placements. Already working professionals can have weekend classes to continue with the ongoing jobs.
    One such institute I have heard about is NIIT, which has many centers and one can select as per his/her suitability.


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    Hadoop and big data can be learned by anyone who knows Java. And you don't have to be any specific graduation stream for that. Anyone who knows how to program in Java and knows how to use linux can learn Hadoop. It takes few weeks of course in order to learn Hadoop. Most of the online sources have really good course structures. You may want to check out udacity, coursera for the advanced courses in Hadoop. There are local courses but the online courses for that are cheap and also more effective in terms of knowledge. Most of the NIIT, SEED, Aptech courses are nothing but Powerpoint presentation and few lab session. And that is not worth at all.

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    I would like you to get into the complexity. You have just heard it and you want to pursue it. I would request you to please explore it a bit so that you get a better idea of Big data.
    Hadoop is just a framework available in Big data. There are various ways of extraction from big data
    PIG when data is to be extracted from unstructured data, Hive when data is structured and Mahout for Machine learning and many more like AVRO, Cassandra etc.
    I would also like you to read about all these. You can choose the best tool for yourself. For e.g. I am good at making queries so Hive would be good for me. Choose your career wisely.

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