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    Suffering from PCOD and HYPO thyroid problem with severe depression

    Suffering from PCOD and Hypo thyroid problem? Looking out for a permanent solution? On this Ask Expert page, your queries will be resolved.

    I am a 25 year old woman. I am working as a banker. I am suffering from PCOD and HYPO thyroid problem for the last three years. My periods are very irregular. I eat very less but I feel so heavy after every meal. I am gaining weight enormously though i eat less food. I have a problem of tremendous hair fall. I get pimples frequently. My skin is so dry with uneven tone. I am in the medication. Doctors prescribed me estrogen tablets(CRESENTA) and for thyroid I am using thyroxine 50mg. my thyroid levels are 7.29. Now my question is.
    Is there any cure for PCOD and thyroid problem?
    Though I use thyroxine tablets and estrogen tablets, why am I not loosing weight?
    I am in depression. So many marriage alliances went in vain due to my over weight (my height is 5'7 and weight 71kgs).
    Can you suggest me what to do for this problem?
    I really need help. I am not confident on myself.
    Awaiting advice.
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  • I am sorry to say that PCOD and HYPO thyroid problems cannot be cured but yes there is a silver lining as they can be treated to some extent.

    Treatment of thyroid related problems:-
    1) Daily intake of thyroxine tablets can help in replacing the already missing thyroid hormone in body. This will treat hypothyroidism but however symptoms persists or diminishes gradually on their own.
    2) Inhibiting activity of thyroid peroxidase which in turn will help thyroid to become inflamed and this can be done by eating large amounts of soy. Thus you need to check on your soy intake and if possible try to eliminate it from your diet or decrease its quantity greatly as it is not good for thyroid disorder.
    3) Avoid sugar intake greatly as hypothyroidism worsens insulin resistance in body.
    4) To produce thyroid hormone in body, iodine plays a very important role and thus you should concentrate on your daily intake of iodine and include dairy, iodine rich salt, chicken, fish, green leafy vegetables and all those products which are rich in iodine.
    5) Try to have a gluten-free diet.
    6) Eat a healthy well balanced nutritious diet which includes lots of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, dairy etc.....

    You are not losing weight in-spite of taking thyroxine and estrogen tablets because your condition makes difficult for your body to make use of insulin. Insulin is essential for body as it metabolizes foods into energy. Insulin resistance that is created in body will lead to build up of sugar and insulin in blood. Increased level of insulin results in production of male hormone androgen which is responsible for your acne, growing of body hair, irregularities in menstrual cycle, weight gain etc..... Though you are taking medication you cannot expect overnight results. These medications have to be taken for life time and you have to struggle with your weight issue. However, if you struggle a little more and make right choices and change a little pattern in your life style then may be you will start losing a little but gradual and consistent weight loss is for sure. Long term approach in your dietary pattern can help you greatly.

    Here are certain tips that will help you in weight loss:-
    1) Always prefer foods that will lead to low glycaemic load on body. These kinds of foods will fight with both insulin resistance in body as well as PCOD. Consume foods which are close to nature.
    2) Good lean proteins are very essential for you. Include nuts, dairy, eggs, broccoli, cauliflower etc.....
    3) Include good fats in diet like Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. You will not able to lose weight without including good fats in your daily diet intake.
    4) Avoid or greatly decrease bad fats in diet.
    5) Eat lots of nuts which are popularly known as super foods. Eat right amount of walnuts and almonds daily as they are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins B and E, and minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese etc.....
    6) Include all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables if possible organic would be more beneficial.
    7) Avoid fruit juices.
    8) Avoid processed foods.
    9) Avoid refined flour, rice and sugar.
    10) Exercise daily. Weight training and resistance training a little daily will increase your metabolism making your body to burn those stored calories in the form of fat.
    11) Daily half an hour walk is very beneficial.

    You mentioned that you are in depression. This is common because all the hormonal changes brings stress but you need to learn to relax. Stress will further affect your body and you will struggle more with your weight loss problem. You need to accept with what you are dealing with and try to instill a lot of positive attitude in yourself. This will motivate you to come out of your situation and decrease your body weight. Also sleep well. Getting enough 8 hours sleep is essential for weight loss.

  • Thyroid and estrogen - disorders can put in a lot of troubles with respect to weight gain and depression and since there is no successful remedy to thyroid - disorder in other systems, you need to continue thyrorixine tablets as prescribed by your doctor but apart from that there are certain home remedies which may address your problems. You may try the following tips-
    1) Tulasi is known to relieve stress. In case of stress, the cortisol hormone shoots up and Continious use of Tulasi capsule of Himalaya for twice daily for a month would produce sound sleep. Sound sleep is essential for the trimming of body weight.
    2) Ginger enhances body - metabolism and is rich in many valuable minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Copper etc. The combined effects of these constituents would enhance the metabolic - process apart from supplementation of thyroxine in your case.
    3) Consume nuts in plenty such as Almonds, Walnuts and even Pea- nuts to enrich your body with Omega 3 and Omega 6 thereby boosting your immunity system.
    4) Along with your breakfast, you may take two buds of Garlic to supplement your system with Selinium essential for the enhancement of your T3 and T4 level and in that way, you would need lesser dose of thyroxine in the subsequent time.
    5) As far as possible curtail the consumption of sugar.
    With the inclusion of the tips as indicated above you would be able to loose weight and even the depression can be managed satisfactorily.
    There is no permanent cure for PCOD and the thyroid - disorder but these can be managed effectively.
    You can notice results within a very short period with the proper follow - up of the tips as indicated above.

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