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    Is java programming easy?

    Have a query about Java programming? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Why is it important to learn java?
    What are the basic concepts of java?
    What is the important thing that we have to know about java?
    Does the java programming have better scope?
    Now, I am in the basic training of the java in company. What quality traits do I need to develop for learning java quickly?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • Let me try to answer your question one by one.

    1. Java is a language that is supported on desktop, browser, mobile and embedded system. You can find java applications on web like social networking, desktop application like eclipse, and mobile apps in android. So it's helpful if you learn this language.

    2. Java is object oriented language. So basic concepts involve both OOP and Procedural language. You'd benefit learning about collections, file I/O, graphics, networking, web server, JSP etc.

    3. There is no most important thing. Like any other OOP based language, you have to learn the concept of the java. Also learning about JVM and JIT helps when you are learning about java.

    4. Java is in the market for last 20 years and even earlier than that. So you do benefit learning concepts. Also despite other languages being more popular you're going to benefit learning java. As most of the MNC jobs have java preference, so there is that benefit too.

    5. Learn testing your code. Learn how to write the standardized code. Also do learn about how to catch and display your errors. Learn from others code. Learn how to optimize the code. It takes time to learn these things.

  • Java is a language that is executed through Java Virtual Machine. Lots of programming languages are developed and they all serve their purposes. Comparing them with each other is not the right thing to do. However, Java is a mature language.

    Importance of learning Java:-
    1) Just imagine anything and anywhere and then carefully one will analyze that Java runs above almost everything. It controls and rules areas where most of the large applications ends. And in the coming future it is going to rule vast areas of life.
    2) It provides lots of information and no search engine can work without Java code. Since it exists from a long time, all sorts of questions one can ever imagine are perfected in internet.
    3) It when compared with other languages is relatively simpler to use. It abstracts complexities of computer thereby ruling out difficulties in programming to user.
    4) It is an excellent tool set. There are tools for everything one could ever imagine. Open source ecosystem it has is excellent.
    5) Its usage makes sure that growth takes place in right direction and this is because of its community driven process.
    6) It is beginner-friendly and this quality it possess helps even careless and not so smart users to use it without creating any havoc.
    7) Java is very easy to manage and thus errors can be easily tracked down. Strange and out of nowhere unexpected errors are less likely to develop and user is able to maintain his codebase no matter how large it grows in size very easily.
    8) Java is in favor of object oriented designs and thus helps user to learn and master them.
    9) Java has reached everywhere and has vastly expanded and thus there are millions of job opportunities in various sectors as they all embrace Java.
    10) Java is relatively fast and clear language.
    11) Java embraces optimized performance.
    12) Almost all android applications are coded in Java language.

    Basic concepts of Java:-
    Object Oriented Programming(OOP's).
    OOP's involves concepts like:-
    1) Inheritance,
    2) Data binding,
    3) Polymorphism etc....

    Important things that we should know about Java:-
    1) One should concentrate largely on language fundamentals like OOP's, interfaces, objects, class etc..... rather than only concentrating on specific frameworks.
    2) Master fundamentals and this in turn will lead to mastering of new technologies.

    Scope of Java Programming:-
    1) Java developers are high in demand when compared to other programmers.
    2) Java ranks high in demanded skill.
    3) Many giant sites make use of Java because of its high performance.
    4) It has many mature tools and libraries that are very difficult to replace and thus it will grow strong in future as well.

    Quality traits that you need to develop to learn Java quickly are:-
    1) Concentrate on OOP's concepts of Java.
    2) Learn multi threading.
    3) Learn garbage collection, class files and all those concepts which will enhance your knowledge regarding working of Java virtual machine.
    4) Study servlets and JSP concepts.
    5) You should have a good command over understanding of data types.

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