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    What is the procedure of preparation of notarized affidavits?

    Procedure to prepare notarized affidavits. Please discuss on the reason to obtain the notarized affidavits.

    It is said that in cases of variation in the names of the candidates or their father/mother etc. in the academic certificates notarized affidavit should be submitted. What is the procedure of preparation of notarized affidavits for the purpose of submitting in the cases of variations in the names in various academic certificates?
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  • The affidavit is a written statement of person making affidavit, the deponent under an oath. It is full of facts which are disclosed during a trial. They are the legal documents which contain sworn statements made in front of a person who is authorized by law to administer person making the affidavit.

    Here are the steps you need to follow in the preparation of notarized affidavits:-
    1) Fill in your affidavit and keep it simple, short as well as organized.
    2) Make an appointment with your lawyer. If you are not able to fill in your affidavit then you can seek his help for the same.
    3) Make sure the technical part of your affidavit is thoroughly checked by your lawyer.
    4) Once everything is correct, your lawyer will have it sworn for you.

    In your case, since you want to make certain changes with regards to names, you have to do so by submitting certain legal documents which contain the correct information and validate the authenticity of the same in front of the person you will be taking an oath. Once he signs the documents your notarized affidavit is ready and you can submit the same to academics.

  • First get full details and format of affidavit(if so available) from the concerned department office.
    Please enquire and find the authorised " Notary' in your area. If you do not know, take help of your lawyer or a familiar advocate. Notary's office will guide you further in this regard. It is better to get full clarification and guidance before typing the affidavit and taking to Notary.

    Make the affidavit as given in format on a stamp paper as prescribed by the authority or as advised by Notary's office. Pay the Notary his 'notarising' fees. Notary will verify the affidavit, ensure everything is correct and read and explain it in your language if you cannot understand what is typed there.
    Then he will affix and paste his Notary stamp and seal and embossing in the special coloured band and place. The notarising procedure is then over and you can produce the notarised affidavit to the relevant office or department.

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