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    Why does some times ,google chrome in my laptop doesn't execute?

    I am having a problem in browsing google chrome in my Windows 10 laptop, what to do?

    I have a question and please answer it.
    Recently sometimes when I want to open google chrome, it doesn't execute and after restarting it
    does. It's version is 35 and my OS is Windows 10. what is the reason?
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  • It seems the issue is with the executable being corrupted. That is one reason the chrome is not opening at allAlso, there are some of the updates that may release and not properly get patched. In such case the best option is to uninstall the browser. Also, after the un-installation, you need to reinstall the new version of chrome. You'd find that this should fix your chrome execution issue. Also, do note that after installation you should run reg cleaner and then install new version. If you have Windows 10 64 bit edition then force the system to download that 64 bit version of chrome down-loader.

  • Instead of "it doesn't execute" the proper word to use would be that the google browser is not opening or page is not opening. Actually execute word is used for programming languages.
    Now, according to your problem I think your chrome must be outdated or your operating system is not supporting the version that you have installed. First find out the windows version bit edition and then download the google chrome version which is supporting your OS. You can find out the windows version by the following steps
    right click my computer desktop icon---> there you will get all the details of your OS. ---> In system part check the system type mentioned---> close the application and then try to download google chrome supporting your version.
    By doing this I think your problem is solved.
    If the same problem continues, then check the other software's installed has the same problem. In that case your system must be affected by a virus or some of the windows file must be corrupted.

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