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    What are the causes of seizures in male dogs?

    Causes and treatments of seizures in male dogs. Is there any specific food chart to follow to avoid seizures in male dogs. Want to know more about seizures in dogs.

    What are the causes of seizures in male dogs? How to handle and treat the ailment? What are the foods not to be given to pets and what food helps in reducing the fits. What will be the impact of this disease on the pet's mental and physical health? Up to what frequency of fits is normal
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  • Causes for seizures in dogs:-
    1) Stroke,
    2) Consumption of poison,
    3) High or low blood pressure,
    4) Brain tumor,
    5) Kidney disorders,
    6) Liver disorders,
    7) Trauma to head,
    8) Anemia,
    9) Encephalitis,
    10) Meningitis,
    11) Metabolic disorders,
    12)Endocrine disorders etc.....

    Handling seizures:-
    Owner of dog should consult a veterinary neurologist or family vet so that proper diagnosis is made and the underlying cause of seizures is known. Once the diagnosis is done, the owner has to make sure that treatment plan and medication prescribed by vet should be carefully carried out so that condition does not worsen.
    When a dog has a seizure, follow these steps:-
    1) You have to remain calm. If you stress yourself, then you may not be able to handle the situation very well. Your dog may be standing next to sharp obstacle or furniture and you have to slide him away so that he does not get hurt and in this way you can save him from traumatic situation.
    2) Staying close to the dog is essential, but you need to stay away from his mouth and head and do not try to put anything in his mouth. During a seizure, there is always a risk that dog can bite anything that comes near it.
    3) Usually seizures last for a few seconds. However, if it lasts for more than couple of minutes, then try to cool your dog by turning a fan on as it will rule out the risk of overheating produced in a dog's body.
    4) Pour some cold water on the paws of the dog.
    5) Gently stroke your dog's body, but again do not go closer to his mouth.
    6) If the seizure lasts for more than 5 minutes, then take him to the vet as excess of heat produced in body can lead to brain trauma.

    Treatment of seizures:-
    1) Make sure dog does not miss his anti-seizure medications like potassium bromide or phenobarbital. Anti-convulsant medications have to be given for a life time.
    2) Dietary modification as per the vet's advice is beneficial. Make sure that the dog gets a balanced meal.

    Foods not to be given:-
    - Soy,
    - Cow's milk,
    - Corn,
    - Wheat,
    - Peanuts,
    - Barley,
    - Lentils etc.....

    Foods to be given:-
    - Let your dog eat dog food available in market but make sure it is balanced and high in nutrition.
    - Ketogenic foods have proved to be beneficial in case of dogs suffering from epilepsy.

    Impact of seizures on physical and mental health:-
    Seizures result in following symptoms which are both physical as well as mind related. Some of them are:-
    1) Muscle twitching,
    2) Jerking,
    3) Chewing of tongue,
    4) Collapsing,
    5) Falling unconscious,
    6) Body gets stiff,
    7) Drooling from mouth,
    8) Foam is produced in mouth,
    9) Falling on ground, particularly sideways,
    10) Making movements like paddling from legs,
    11) Peeing during seizures,
    12) Dogs may become disoriented,
    13) They look dazed,
    14) Staring for a long time in space,
    15) Looking confused,
    16) Dog walks in circle and may bump himself into everything that comes in his way.
    17) Wobbly etc.....

    Frequency of fits:-
    If the seizure lasts from a few seconds to a couple of minutes then it is normal. However, if it lasts for more than 5 minutes, then you should immediately visit your dog's vet. It may be fatal and result in brain stroke. Also, make sure that the dog does not suffer from repeated seizures. 3 or more seizures in a day are also dangerous.

  • Thank you for valuable information. I am convinced with your points.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • Madam Reena mentioned the 12 reasons for seizures. Distemper is also a cause for seizures That is not mentioned. My dog was suffering from distemper, diagnosed few hours before death. Distemper is caused by virus known paravirous and has no cure.
    Vaccination is the best way to prevent this fatal disease. I had given the vaccination before 10 months but failed due to unknown reason.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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