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    What will be income if you have opened Volvo showroom in foreign country

    Want to open a Volvo showroom abroad? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    What will be your income (monthly ) if you have a vilvo showroom in foreign country?
    Now I am in India and thinking of establishing Volvo showroom in USA.
    How to establish the showroom and what will be cost of investment for that?
    What will be the income monthly if you had a volvo showroom in USA?
    What is the procedure for establishing such a showroom?
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    Opening transport system or renting system and even showroom can be a good option in USA. However the regulation and the rules in that place makes it harder for you to be in profit for initial years. You have to understand what sort of the vehicles are in demand there. Also the type of sales you'd get and on how much recurring business. You have to also consider what could be the potential sales for the same type of vehicle. If that vehicle doesn't sale much you have to invest into another vehicle. So small variable like that needs to be considered while opening the showroom. Things to watch out for - is rules, regulations, taxation, establishment rules, labor and other rules.

    Establishment requires you to form C-corp, LLC or Private LTD in the USA. You have to check respective rules for that in state. Each state has different rules in USA. You have to get in touch with CPA companies for that. CPA in US means CA in India.

    Profitable or not that depends on how many people are interested in such vehicles. You have to find that doing the market research. you have to find companies that can help you with that data. So that helps you with deciding what sort of vehicle sale if not volvo. So you have to pay the market research companies for this.

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