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    How to get rid of scar on upper lip due to accident

    Searching for remedies to remove scar on lip? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I had 3 stitches due to accident on my upper lip part and it is almost 4 years. Now I have a scar mark there.
    Can anyone suggest me any creams which can remove scar mark on my upper lip due to accident?
    Is there any remedy other than laser or surgery? Can I remove it by any creams or ointments?
    Experts: do advice.
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    Remedies to remove scar from upper lips:-
    1) Vitamin E oil-
    Its capsules are very easily available in market and medicals. You can use them by piercing their top and squeezing out oil from them or else look for Vitamin E bottles of good companies. It can fade your scars but do not think of this happening in overnight. You have to keep patience and continue its application for several months. Gradually it will diminish your scar by its healing property. Also gently massage your scar with Vitamin E oil as it will help in better absorption. Do not drink or eat anything for at least half an hour to one hour so that oil applied do not get washed away. Apply it twice a day. Once in the morning and once preferably in the night. Overnight leaving it on the scar of your upper lip will give great results.

    2) Bio oil:-
    It is very commonly used by women during and after their pregnancy period. It helps to avoid stretch marks from been formed as well as helps to reduce the visibility of stretch marks which are already been formed. Similarly, it is also recommended for scars. Lips are very delicate and are made up of very soft tissues when compared to rest of the body parts. For such soft tissues, bio oil will work as wonders when applied regularly to diminish scar.

    3) Aloe vera:-
    It is the most effective home remedy to get rid of scars. You can either use aloe vera gel available in markets or use fresh gel from aloe vera plant grown in your home. Gel coming out of freshly cut aloe vera leaf is much more effective and possess greater quality of healing your scar in a very short span. It is very safe for sensitive skin as well as soft tissue of lips. Allow it to remain on your lips for at least 30 minutes.

    4) Rose water:-
    Apply rose water dipped in cotton on both your upper as well as lower lip. Do it twice a day. Not only your upper lip scar will fade away but also your lips will get a good texture and rose water will make them lighter in color by improving their appearance. It also will make them soft and they will get rid of excess of drying.

    5) Baking soda:-
    This product you will easily get from your kitchen. This product is known for its exfoliating property. You have to mix a pinch of baking soda with small amount of water or else you can even mix it with rose water for better results. Gently apply it on your scar and with circular movements massage it. Do this thrice a week. Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of scar.

    6) Cocoa butter:-
    Cocoa butter is usually used for skin. Since it is rich in Vitamin E, it works best on scar tissues and hence you can use it on your scar on upper lip too. But do not try to swallow it by any means. Therefore it should be carefully applied on upper lip for as long as you want and before eating or drinking anything, wipe it out with cotton or wet cloth so that ingestion does not occur. It is full of Vitamin E and hence should be applied daily.

    7) Lemon:-
    It is very rich in Vitamin C and its application regularly accelerates production of collagen which is very good for healing of scar tissue. However, since it is very acidic it cannot be applied for a long time. You can take a few drops of freshly cut lemon juice and apply it on your scar. It will greatly lighten it and improve its appearance within few days. After 5 minutes, wipe it off and apply some glycerine rich lip guard or else dab some cocoa butter on your lips so that drying does not take place.

    8) Almond oil:-
    It is easily available in market though a little expensive. You can apply it on your scar or else can make a paste by grinding some almonds. This oil is rich in Vitamin E and will help greatly to diminish your scar tissue and replace it with healthy tissue.

    9) Salt:-
    Most easily available ingredient and cheapest of all is salt. Exfoliate your scar tissue with salt solution regularly and see the results by your own eyes. Within a few days it will work wonders by diminishing the appearance of your scar tissue as well as fade it over a period of time.

    10) Vegetable juices:-
    Juices of tomato, cucumber, potato, garlic are all good for reducing and diminishing scar. You can either apply them individually or for better and fast results use them together. Though it will require some time to show results but within few weeks of regular application, you can see great results.

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    There are a few tips which will help you in the removal of scars and those tips are to be applied for at least three times for a couple month to get effect result-
    1) Aloevera - gel - Aloevera - gel obtained from the market of a reputed company is to be applied on the affected part three times a day to get effective result.
    2) Coconut oil -10 ml of Coconut - oil is to be mixed with a few drops of lemon - juice and after shaking the same vigorously, this lotion is to be applied on the affected part for at leat thirty minutes and this operation should be carried out at least twice a day.
    3) Olive - oil - Olive oil is normally used as a moisturiser but this is very effective in the removal of scars.
    4) Cucumber piece or Potato piece - Either of the two is helpful in addressing the problem. By taking the piece of either of the two, you may apply on the affected part for at least thirty minutes prior to retirement of bed and regular application will give you positive result.
    5) Almond - oil - Due to presence of Vitamin E in the Almond - oil, it's regular application on the affected part will diminish the scar.
    6) Include a few pieces the dry nuts such as Almond, Cashews, Akhrot etc in your snacks so as to get its benifits for the removal of the scars.
    7) Powdered Gram - flour is also helpful in alleviating the scars. The paste of the Gram - flour is to be applied on the skin for at least twenty minutes and this operation is to be carried out twice a day till you get a positive result.
    8) Tulasi and Mint leaves in equal quantities say six leaves each should be taken and by making the paste of the same, the same is to be applied on the affected part for at least twenty minutes and the finally it is to be rinsed. This should be done twice a day to get effective result.
    Your diet should not be too much oily and spicy and care has to be taken to avoid the constipation.

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