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    Can I rank first in Search Engine results for my website’s name if it is unique?

    Have a query about search engine ranking? Wondering if your unique website name will rank at the top? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have a web app product and I have finalised a name of that product (say- XYZ). When I made a search on Google and a few other search engines, there were no relevant search results having mentions of such a name. It means that there is no product or anything ever has been there with that name.
    I am pretty confident about the uniqueness of name as this is a word I made and brought up by myself.
    In next few days, I will launch an official website to feature and promote my product. In this case, once indexed, will I be ranked in the first page for at least a search query that is my product or website's name?
    Experts: do advice.
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    Having unique name is not going to cut it for app. Your app also needs to have some unique functionality and good reviews. And this way it has more chances of getting the downloads. This is how it works for most of the people who are making apps. Don't stick with google play store. You may have to also try some other app stores which offer free listing of the app. This way you'd rank better search ranking. Do note that google ranks things which are in demand. If you don't create demand or social media interest from the people to your app then consider that it'd not make much traffic to your app. That's why there are content writers and social media managers working on the app promotion on their accounts all the time.

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    For getting into better ranking you have to market your product by digital marketing. Go for social media marketing for example create one page in Facebook and post some blogs related to your product. In your blog show that how your product is useful and unique. How your product will be helpful in solving some problem. Try to present your blog in such a way that users will be interested and at-least see your product. When users will become visitor of your website than your product and content quality turns them into your customer and as much as you market your product the visitors will grow and according to traffic of your website the ranking and quality of your website will also improve.

    Marketing and doing SEO of your website is the only way to improve your website and this is the on going process you have to make efforts every day to work for the betterment of SEO in your website.

    Another way is just pay google and google will appear your ads in the first page at the top of the search engine and you don't have to worry about any SEO thing. Google will only charge you when your ad is being clicked and google will also give you flexibility of filtering for ad according to your targeted audience.

    So there are two ways to get your ranking at first : SEO and Google paid ads. but according to survey 60% of the google paid ads are not being clicked as compared to SEO. So try to give time for marketing digitally with SEO techniques and hope for the best.

    All the best.

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    App indexing feature allows you to find an apps in the search engine. However this feature is only available for all platform. Index the app using third party tools online. Considering the platform, you may want to search on Google for app indexing to display on search engines.
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