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    What is PNG and what are its uses?

    Searching for information about PNG? Wondering how it is different from CNG? Find advice from experts on this page.

    We often find references about PNG in the media. Is it different from CNG and what are the differences and similarities between PNG and CNG? Is it available in all cities of India and what are its uses and applications? Who supplies PNG i.e. from where to obtain it?
    Awaiting response.
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    Main constituent of natural gas is methane. It also has traces of other higher hydrocarbons. Natural gas is very environment friendly as it does not cause pollution. Reason behind this is ratio between carbon to hydrogen is very less in methane which is main constituent of natural gas. This in turn will help it to burn completely and as hardly residues are left, it creates less harmful impact on environment. PNG is also a natural gas.

    1) CNG and PNG are the same fuel i.e., both are natural gas but they are available in different forms.
    2) CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas and PNG stands for Piped Natural Gas.
    3) In CNG, natural gas is pressurized and used in vehicles whereas in PNG, natural gas is supplied through pipes to customers.

    Uses and applications of PNG:-
    a) Industrial uses-
    1) Automobiles,
    2) Textiles,
    3) Pharmaceuticals,
    4) Bakeries,
    5) Paintings,
    6) Food processing,
    7) Hot air generator etc.....
    b) Industrial applications-
    1) Flat bed dryer,
    2) Boiler,
    3) Gas engine,
    4) Ceramic kiln,
    5) Ceramic printing kiln,
    6) Oven,
    7) Pantry etc.....
    c) Domestic uses and applications-
    1) For cooking purposes,
    2) Gas geysers for heating water

    PNG is supplied through mild steel and polyethylene pipes. Through these pipes, PNG then caters to the needs of industrial, domestic and commercial industries. PNG is not available in all the cities at present. However, government is trying to introduce this natural gas all over country as early as possible to reduce the environmental crisis.

    Benefits of using PNG:-
    1) It is environmental friendly as it does not create pollution due to methane present in it.
    2) It is supplied continuously and thus customer can enjoy uninterrupted supply.
    3) It is very safe fuel and hardly a threat even if leakage occurs. Since it is light, it disperses in air without posing a threat.
    4) There is no need for storing it or for ordering it because supply is continuous. There is no need to worry and monitor about the existing stock and also the fuel does not take the storage space.
    5) It is economical and thus budged friendly.

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    CNG is compressed natural gas and the same is subjected under heavy pressure sometimes to the tune of 250 kg/ cm2 and its primarily used in the vechiles.
    PNG is the piped natural gas and is supplied to the consumers through pipe - lines.
    There are a lot of consumers of PNG gas such as domestic purpose for cooking, Small factories such as Paintaining, Hospitals, Foundry and forging etc.
    The following are the advantages of PNG gas-
    1) It can be handled conveniently.
    2) Calorific value is extremely high to carry out different heating - jobs.
    3) There is uninterrupted supply of the gas and hence no need to worry on that account.
    4) It is economical as compared to LPG gas supplied by Indian - oil company. Sometimes delayed service of the dealer causes inconvenience and here that parameter is absent.

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    A domestic PNG connection includes conversion of one LPG appliance to PNG, laying of associated galvanized iron (GI) pipeline network, along with necessary fittings, pressure regulator and a meter.


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