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    When is the world Teacher's day is celebrated?

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    On which date is the world Teachers day is celebrated? Is it a date different than the date on which the teacher's day is celebrated in India? Do all countries in the world celebrate their teachers day on different dates? Why is the teacher's day celebrated on the 5th September in India?
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  • 5 th September is the day when we celebrate the teacher's day every year and this date is fixed in all the year and the same is being celelebrated since 1962. Different countries do have the different dates for the celebration of teacher's day such as in Bangladesh the date of the celebration of the same is 5 th October where as in Bhutan it celebrated on 2 nd May.
    We celebrate to mark the respect of Dr Radhakrisnan as he himself was a great philosopher, guide and a devoted teacher and he was born on 5 th September 1888 and later after his death the Govenment of India decided to observe the teacher's day on the same day when he was born ie 5 th September.

  • World Teachers'Day is celebrated on 5th October.

    However, Teachers' Day is celebrated on different days in different countries usually taking the birthday of a famous educationist of the respective countries. In India, eminent educationist Dr. S. Radhakrishnan's birthday (5th September) is celebrated as Teachers' Day.

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  • Yes teachers day is celebrated on different days in various countries. And for world wide it is 5th october every year.
    In India National teachers day is celebrated on 5th september as a mark of tribute to contribution of teachers in the society on the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan a deplomat, scholars, president of India and above all ateacher.
    While for whole world teachers day is celebrated on 5th october since 1994 commemorates teacher organisation worldwide

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