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    Need to know how to loose weight

    Searching for a workable solution to lose weight? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am from Delhi. I had lost 5 kgs 6 months back but in April dis year I have again gained 8 kgs. I don't know how but now I am 66 kgs. However ideally my weight should be 55 kgs.
    I am drinking hot water daily in morning and green tea after meals since 2 months. But still I am not able to loose a single kg. I walk 30 minutes daily. Can you advice on how to lose weight since I am also losing my confidence?
    Awaiting advice.
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    The thing with losing weight is that you have to be pretty much consistent with it. You have to choose to the right balanced diet for your body. Also you have to count calories and consume the food which is good for you. And try to avoid food which may affect your body in the long run. Also the thing to note is that you have to do the exercise. The reason being that helps shape your muscles. Because not doing the exercise and letting the muscle to convert into fat may not be good for your body.

    Here are some tips that you can follow.

    1. Get diet plan from your doctor.
    2. Eat healthy and avoid junk food.
    3. Do exercise or walk. Daily.
    4. Do meditation and yoga.
    5. Think positive as that also helps the body.

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    The following its may be tried in case you are sincerely interested to reduce weight-
    1) Get your blood tested for thyroid profile and if you observe any elevation beyond 4.0 in the test result, the same is reflective of hypothyroidism. In that you would be prescribed thyronorm of suitable potency to shed excess weight.
    2) You may take a small piece of Ginger prior to 20 minutes in both the times - lunch and dinner to step up your metabolism.
    3) Include two buds of Garlic in the empty stomach followed by two glasses of hot water mixed 20 ml of lemon - juice in each glasses. Selenium present in the Garlic followed by addition of Citric - acid of the Lemon would cause the drop in weight. This has to be done on a Continious basis to get effective result.
    4) Inclusion of Salad in the meals like Cucumber, Onion and Tomatoes must be included for hastening the process of weight - loss. Tomatoes contain Lycopene - an antioxidant which takes care of maintenance of weight.
    5) Take enough sleep for at least of eight hours in night.
    6) You must consume 2.5 litres of water daily to shed your excess weight.
    7) Vigorous walking for 30 minutes in the morning is desirable to burn the excess fat of the body.
    It would take some time in getting the perceptible result.

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    Think positively to make sure that your are doing your exercises regularly. Calculate for a Year in the long term goal thinking.
    Check you weight, have a note of the weight in the first day. Then calculate the waist size using the measuring tape and make a note of both.
    Use a diary, monthly calendar, and a Notebook to measure your weight regularly.

    Everyday wake up early and say to yourself today i am achieve the weight reduction and make it work. Think positive. Build confidence.
    Even you can workout alternative days of a week initially.
    Take a glass of warm water with Honey and few drops of lemon early in the morning.
    Calculate the BMI. Check what should be your weight according to your height.
    Set a target for reducing the weight.
    City take atleast one hour for exercises breathing the fresh air in the Morning.

    Make Daily Plans:
    Spend atleast 45 minutes per day to one hour for your health.
    1. Take walking for 30 minutes.
    2. Include some tumbles for your hand also.
    3. use a combination of both the exercises. This will take some time to adopt daily walking.
    4. Choose a park, know the length, circle, or rectangle park distance. Calculate the rounds for everyday.
    5. Check your weight after a week, there will be changes.

    Diet Plan:
    1. Avoid Fast foods and Junk foods.
    2. Include Fresh juice after the breakfast, drink a lot of water.
    3. In the afternoon include chappathi's in your meal along with vegetables.
    4. Add Fruits during the evening, also when your are tired.
    5. Try also in the evening to make some simple exercises, yoga or meditations.
    Regularly check your Height,weight in a shopping mall where there is BMI. Usually the body will get from cold to warm then starts reducing burning the fat inside the body. It takes time to work.
    Use a music when you are doing exercises that should tempt to do your exercise more. Not to use music while you are roads considering the safety.

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    These are simple but effective tips.
    No need to do any fasting or medicinal course.

    1. Just reduce your intake of those food having good amount of calories.
    2. Have proper exercise schedule. This will burn extra fat.
    3. Reduce the food quantity you eat in lunch, dinner and break fast.
    4. Drink plenty of water

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    Here are the few tips to loose weight. You can try.
    1.Do not overeat have light meals
    2.Avoid fatty and oily foods
    3.Do not eat sweet regularly. It help in gaining wt.
    4.Drink plenty of water, in summer take nimbu-pani 3-4 times.
    5. Avoid Fast foods and Junk foods such as samosha, burger, pizza, chokolates.
    6.Do brisk walking/jogging for 45 minutes. If you are young go for 3-5 km running daily
    7.Add Fruits and salad to your diet
    8.Have only two meals and eat fruits in between.
    9.Play some sports/ game such as badminton to sweat your body.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    Hi, Taking medicine, weight loss drinks, fat burning drinks can not give a permanent a solution for your problem.

    1. Diet: Diet with low fat and carbohydrate ( excess fat is stored and even excess carbohydrate is also converted into fat and stored in your body). Calculate our calorie intake daily. Eat more protein diet, Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks, eat more fiber rich food items. Drink more water and eat your food slowing by chewing properly.

    2. Exercise: Regular exercise is very important, the most effective exercises to loose weight are yoga, jogging, swimming and cycling.


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    I understand how hard it is to loose weight in a specific amount of time. But trust me, it's hard to loose weight but not that hard as you think. I've experienced one thing in my life - "we should never ever give up with anything at any cost". Our luck can change at any moment, we never know!

    Members who mentioned the tips above are undoubtedly helpful. But also follow the tips that I mention here.

    1. The first thing you need to do is to have some good control on your diet. Stop eating spicy/oily food and have some good nutritious and healthy good - such as fruits and vegetables (try to avoid potato).
    2. Drink plenty of water but not so much that it can be a problem for you. 12 glasses would be recommended.
    3. You really need to focus on workout. Either gym or home, get some good tips from Google/Youtube and follow that workout routine everyday.
    4. Don't have too much of sleep than recommended. Too much sleep + too much water will definitely increase the size of muscles, which leads to fat.
    5. Try to fast once in a week (scientifically proven that keeping fast is good for our health and reduces body weight).

    If you know any good nutritionist, get some good tips and follow that strictly. I've seen people loosing weight in just 5-6 months. However, I don't know what they do to loose weight. But I recommend you to go with natural way. Any kind of tablets or supplements would definitely harm your muscles. So must be avoided strictly!

    Believe in originality, not in creativity!

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    You are on right way...still you are not loosing so much. Try the tips following below:
    Eat lots of green veggies every day.
    Do exercise regularly.
    Perform Yoga poses for half an hour daily.
    Avoid junk foods like pastry, cold drinks, ice-creams, chips etc.
    Try to intake low carbohydrate and low fat diet.
    Hope the tips will be helpful for you.

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    Losing weight requires a drastic change in one's life style and on the first look it appears an impossible task but believe me it may be very difficult but not impossible. If you are taking bed tea or coffee, it is to be replaced with 1-2 glass of lukewarm water. Little tea can be taken afterwards. Next activity is going for long walks (if you are a starter do not be a brisk walker from day one). Now coming to the b'fast, The oily stuffed paratha (bread) is to be sacrificed and corn flex, sugar free milk, fruits are to be consumed. For lunch salad, chapati and plain dal will suffice. For snacks bytes of calorie less buiscuits to be taken. Dinner will also be simple like lunch, only thing is a low oil veg curry can be added. Remember - no sweet dish! Once in a week a little bit of indulgence is permitted. That is add half a serving of sweet and half cup of rice. Carbohydrates and fats like potato, rice, oils and ghee are to avoided as much as possible.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Hai everyone,

    Today I post in loose weight because a fat or tummy in your body is more and exercise is regularly going to push up in morning
    Push up is the best medicine of our weight loose and perfect shape or well shape I your body. Eat healthy food, carrot, beetroot juice or drink. Avoid smoke and alcohol and unwanted waste of your health
    Nutrients is help our body and your loose weight

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