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    What are 4G services and how many companies are offering such services in India?

    Interested in knowing about 4G services? Wondering how many Indian companies are offering this service? Check out suggestions from experts on this page.

    What are 4G services and how many companies are offering such services in India? What will be the advantages of availing such services? Will it be possible to switch over to the 4G services with the existing smartphones or a new smartphone will have to be bought?
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  • 4G is, simply put, the next gen telecom network technology. Actually it means the fourth generation of mobile networks technology. We initially has GPRS - General Pabket Radio Service as the sole means of providing internet on mobile. It was indicated by G as an abbreviation. Since the speed of internet communication was abysmally slow, the demand for higher speed necessitated the improvements in technology and 2G was born, which simply meant second gen network technology. Carrying forward the tradition of high speed internet connectivity, the latest technology is known by the name 4G.

    4G is expected to provide you speeds five times better than 3G. The theoretical download speeds are assumed to be 100Mbps, though it may not be possible to achieve it in the real world scenario.

    Almost all major telecom operators have launched their 4G services in India. The 4G war began with Reliance planning to start a pan India 4G only service through Reliance Jio. Airtel was the first to launch its 4G services. It was followed by Vodafone and Idea Cellular. Please note that they do not have 4G licenses acroos India. Their services are limited to the circles where they have licenses to operate 4G services. Reliance on the other hand has pan India coverage and has started its preview offers.

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  • 4G refers to the higher spectrum of the connectivity. It offers the same set of features like previous technologies like 2G and 3G. However the speed at which these services delivered makes the different. For example, the data being sent by the 4G is at much faster speed. This makes it easier for the network to be used for watching live streaming sports, movies, shows etc. Also the speed such as this can be good for the video conferencing too. It can simultaneously be used for the data and voice at the same time.

    If your smartphone supports 4G LTE then and only then you can upgrade to such service. If your smartphone number and the SIM is still at the 2G then you may have to upgrade. The reason being the nanoSIM and also the IMEI code being sent at LTE towers is lot different. Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Reliance and Tata are the top 4G providers.

    The current networks are going to be switching to the 4G technology eventually, so in future you are going to upgrade to it too.

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