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    Is it not possible to effectively treat bone fractures in the old age?

    Have a query about fractures in old age? Wondering if they can be effectively treated? Find advice from experts on this page.

    We often come across news about many elderly persons dying during the treatment at the hospitals while undergoing treatment of bone fractures which they get due to a fall etc. at home. Is it not possible to effectively treat bone fractures in the old age? What precautions should be taken by the elderly persons in this regard?
    Experts: do advice.
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    it is better to massage at that area of fracture,and have to take high calcium food content to recover soon

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    Bone fractures in old age:-
    Accidentally falling and breaking a bone is serious at any age and this is because broken bone makes an individual to go through phase of extensive trauma which will affect his mobility as well as day to day activity and if the bone fracture is severe then even may require a surgery. Fall can be serious at any age but it becomes more serious if an individual is in his advanced age. This is because elderly individuals have low bone density and are usually suffering from osteoporosis which results in loss of bone tissue gradually making bone fragile to break even under mild degree strain.

    After bone fracture, individual is asked to give up his daily activities and remain immobile as much as possible to promote fast healing of fracture and is given heavy cast which will support his broken bone and is also recommended with some physical therapy. In early age, bone formation in the area where it is fractured will take place within a certain duration resulting in uniting of fractured bone. However, in old age this bone forming capacity of an individual is somewhat lost. In old age, bone does not form instead bone resorption is seen and this low bone density will prevent healing of fractures in old age. Even, sometimes injuries obtained due to fall may become reasons in case of old people to suffer from accidental death.

    Treatment of bone fractures in old age:-
    Research is done and a miraculous drug is introduced which can help elderly individuals to heal from their fractures as well as is of great help in their osteoporosis. Injecting hormone teriparatide on a daily basis has shown miraculous bone mending abilities and healing of bone fracture is reported to have taking place in the same duration as that in case of children. Teriparatide is also known as Forteo. This drug not only has resulted in healing of fractures but is also known to decrease the excruciating pain which is caused due to fracture. Introduction of this drug will improve standard of living of old people and decrease their fear of accidental fall. Also, there are certain surgeries which will help in treatment of bone fractures.

    Precautions to prevent fall and bone fractures:-
    1) Old aged individuals should always take care that lighting in their room as well as in home they live should neither be too dim or too direct.
    2) Light switches should be within their reach.
    3) Steps they use should not be slippery as well as there should be handrails for better support.
    4) Chairs which they use for sitting purpose should have good arm rests and should be free of wheels providing complete stability.
    5) Carpets and rugs in their rooms or in other areas of their homes should be properly spread and tacked down.
    6) All the necessary items they require on daily basis should be kept on low shelves.
    7) In bathrooms, a chair should be placed on which they can sit safely and take a bath.
    8) Toilet seats should be enough tall so that they do not face any difficulty.
    9) In front of sink or wash basin a rubber mat should be placed to avoid fall.
    10) Foot wear of elderly adults should be of good quality i.e., they should always wear hard soled shoes which are flat.
    11) Eye check ups should be regularly done and they should wear suitable eye glasses.
    12) In old age, people suffer from various ailments and are prone for taking medications for the same. Sometimes either as a result of symptoms of these ailments or as side-effects of these drugs, they may fall due to giddiness or dizziness. Thus, one has to remain aware of his condition as well as drugs he is taking.
    13) Old people who fall excessively can wear hip padding to reduce the impact of a fall.
    14) Nutritional supplements like calcium, vitamin D, biophosphonates are all good for increasing bone density.
    15) Hormone replacement therapy is particularly beneficial and minimize the risk of fracture even after fall.
    16) Muscle-strengthening exercises as per their convenience will help them to gain back their reflexes as well as balance.
    17) Alcoholic beverages should be completely avoided as they decrease reflexes causing dizziness resulting in losing balance and fall.
    18) Nutrition is very essential. They should consume good nutritious balanced diet which will help them to gain muscle mass as well as increase their bone density.
    19) Haste should not be made. Everything they do should be as per their convenience that may be walking, doing everyday activities etc..... Doing anything in haste may lead to tripping and falling.
    20) In many areas of the bathrooms and toilets, they should make sure that grab handles are located.

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