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    Is eating raw garlic beneficial for the heart conditions?

    Want to improve heart condition? confused whether raw garlic will be useful? On this Ask Expert page, you will get the answers to your queries.

    I have heard that eating a few cloves of raw garlic daily is very useful for managing one's heart conditions. Is it really so? How many cloves of garlic should be chewed in such cases and at what time of the day? Should it be taken without any other food item or it can be taken at the meal time also?
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  • Raw garlic has plenty of benefits and for that reason it is also being used in many herbs and the home remedies. Some of the benefits of the raw garlic are as follows -

    1. Garlic has very few calories so it is often used in the diet of those who are calorie conscious.
    2. Garlic can be used to combat the common cold and flu. It is also good to consume it during the cough.
    3. Garlic is used to manage the blood pressure.
    4. Garlic helps manage the cholesterol levels and also helps with the blood sugar levels.
    5. Anti oxidants in garlic helps with the dementia and other memory issues.
    6. Garlic slows down the ageing process and helps with keeping you feel younger.
    7. Garlic is also used as an detoxification agent and helps with the cleansing metals in the body.
    8. Garlic is good for the bone health and it is indeed good health.
    9. Using garlic in the diet has several vitamin and anti oxidation benefits.
    10. Garlic is also used in the estrogen deficiency.

    This is one reason if the garlic in raw form if consumed definitely helps the health. You can take it in with other food dishes or as it is.

  • Freshly crushed garlic generates Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a gas which is also generated from rotten eggs. Although H2S in excess may become harmful, in small quantities it functions as an intra-cellular signalling compound and can protect the heart.

    Fresh garlic reduces damage from lack of oxygen. It also helps restoring oxygen-rich blood flow in the aorta, and increases pressure in the heart's left ventricle.

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  • Raw garlic has multiple benifits on human - health and a few are noted below-
    1) Garlic helps the immune - system and can arrest chest - infection. It also averts Cough and Cold.
    2) Scurvy is treated with Vitamin- C and as such in such case, Garlic would prove to be helpful.
    3) Garlic contains abundant amount of Iodine and hence it can take care of thyroid - disorder.
    4) It can increase the the weight of babies while they are in the mother's womb because of nutrient content such as calcium, Selinium, Vitamin B6 etc.
    5) LDL cholesterol can well be managed due to Allicin - content present in the Garlic.
    6) Calcium present in the Garlic is benificial for the bone - health.
    7) It can arrest the onset of Cancer.
    8) Garlic can regulate the Blood - sugar level because of presence of Allicin and other nutrients.
    9) Two buds of Garlic if taken on empty stomach in the morning can check up the High Blood Pressure due to Selinium, Calcium, Potassium present in the Garlic.
    10) Garlic can be taken for the weight - loss purpose if the same is ingested with a hot glass of water containing Lime.

  • Garlic cloves should be taken empty stomach in the morning. Garlic is used in many conditions like
    2.reduce bad cholesterol
    3.helpful in the treatment thyroid disorder
    4.coronary heart diseases
    5.hardening of arteries
    6.heart attack

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