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    What should I do to get a good career while having few backlogs in BTech Mechanical?

    Confused about what to so after BTech because of backlogs? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I just completed BTech in mechanical engineering. I would like to go abroad for MS or enter Marine field after GME. But unfortunately Ii won't get my degree certificate for one or two years because of few backlogs. I am so confused about what should I do next. I am looking forward to do some certified courses or try to join any industry as a trainee. What should I really do to make everything right?
    Awaiting advice.
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  • The author appears to be confused though there is no harm in thinking big. There appears to be a lot of gap in his not being able to earn his mechanical engineering degree without a backlog and planning to go abroad for pursuing MS course.

    For joining the Graduate Marine Engineering or GME course also a degree in mechanical or naval engineering from a UGC recognized university or college is required.

    In my opinion, the author should introspect and think about being realistic. He may try to find some job on the basis of his existing credentials and don't remain unemployed for longer periods. Joining a job will fill up the gap in the resume and enable the author to acquire some practical experience also. While doing a job, the author may pursue some course through online learning mode.

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  • Just forget about what is happened in past like backlogs and all that. Start from now. Give respective competitive exam and crack them with good marks to start new journey. In this way you can start your master degree which is no way influenced by your B.Tech performance.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

  • Good you have completed the course in Mechanical Engineering. Since the papers you have completed is also your efforts that made changes and it's possible to clear the backlogs also. This takes time and efforts to consider and know what backlogs you have and how many times you have tried to clear that? If this is due to the carelessness consider this as an opportunity to clear them with a little more marks than passing marks. Make more efforts if there are Maths problems to solve. Solve it again and again in order to keep in touch. Once you have finished college its your efforts with the notes to finish it as quickly as possible. Take the previous notes or the notes from a friend who have obtained more marks, observe the mistakes done by and clear your backlogs.
    As much as you put more efforts, the confidence level will be understood and will have a good way to clear those papers. Take a year time to understand the subjects of your strength. Join certified courses with a minimum duration so that you can learn as much as you can while you are also studying for your backlogs.
    Try and clear your backlogs within a year. so that you will have a trust upon your own work. Do the hard work and repeat solving problems again and again as the Mechanical Engineering does have statement problems and Math problems. Solve at your convenient times in order to avoid mistakes in the work you do.
    Once you have made attempts within six months, the backlogs will get reduced and you can join the dream course of yours. Make a study of the dream course of yours before you enter. Study for the entrance and learn as much as you can. Clear from the first year itself. This will give a way for your career in the future after you have finished your course.
    In the mean time take part time jobs and course keep the study habit up. Read books go out with the friends where they have finished their course to know about the future of their also. This will give you guidance if there are any help needed. Your efforts should be more to clear your backlogs.

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