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    Do the IRCTC website uses 4G services?

    Searching for information about web services used by IRCTC? Find response from experts on this page.

    Several lakh tickets are booked through IRCTC website daily by the railway travelers in India. It is said that the recently launched 4G services work must faster than 3G services? Do the IRCTC website uses 4G services or they use some other kind of data services which is neither 3G nor 4G?
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  • IRCTC website is hosted on the server and the server speed is not measured in terms of 3G and 4G. That speed is measured in terms of the bandwidth. And the server's bandwidth, number of concurrent connections decide the speed of the website. And that decides how the performance of the site comes into the play.

    So the consumer having the 2G 3G, 4G or even the future technology doesn't make sense to the IRCTC server. It has to increase the speed from it's own servers. And they have to increase the capacity from their place onwards. If the IRCTC doesn't have the CDN, bandwidth etc then the speed will continue to go low. And they have to upgrade on the infrastructure.

  • The speed of IRCTC website (hosted on the server) at a particular time depends upon the bandwidth and the number of connections at that particular point of time. The consumers' (2G/3G/4G) connection has no relation with the speed of the server.

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