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    Need a suggestion about my career

    Unsure about what career to take up after BCA? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I got very less marks in 10th, about 49% and in 12th got 57%. Now I am doing BCA. I am a second year student but due to weakness in studies I failed in 2nd semester. I have no idea about what to do. I am very depressed now. My age is 21 years and all my friends are doing jobs now. however I don't know what to do. Can you provide suggestions for career?
    Awaiting career guidance.
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  • In my opinion, hard work is the only solution. The author may stop seeing what his friends are doing. Rather he may totally stop spending time with his friends and focus totally on studies.

    BCA is a good choice from the career point of view. In case the underlying principles are learnt and the programming skill is acquired then a job can easily be found. Generally, jobs are not offered, particularly in the private sector, on the basis of the percentage of the marks at Xth or XIIth standard. Instead, the same are offered on the basis of skills or the capability of the individuals to deliver results.

    Maximum time should be devoted on the studies and if possible some part time work may also be joined for practicing the learned skills, even if no salary is offered at this stage. There should not be any social or leisure activity of routine kind at least for coming 2-3 years till a regular remunerative job is landed after completing the course.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • The stress with which you are facing should be taken care of since negativity would impact your career - growth. it is not important to watch what others are doing but you have to take care of your own studies including the basic concept of the tools prescribed in your syllabus.
    In relation to the content taught in BCA, your understanding with the fundamentals can enlarge your potential and ultimately you will be benifited. In case of encountering any doubt relating to your studies, the same has to be clarified with the teaching - faculty of the college and in that way your confidence - level will enhance.
    Your rate of success would depend upon a number of factors such as your enthesiasm to learn the different modules, conceptual - clarity and the art of presentation - skill and passing - out your examination with high marks.
    At the initial level, your joining in a relatively small organisation should not disturb because of your low salary rather you should think the same as the plateform for your enhancing skills.

  • My suggestions are as under:-

    (a) You have to work really hard!
    (b) Do some introspection and think whether you want to continue your BCA, or not.
    (c) If you want to continue BCA, study hard. At the same time check about career prospects after completion of the degree.
    (d) Simultaneously prepare yourself for GD and job interview.
    (e) If you do not want to continue BCA, then search alternative course which suits your interest.

    Always remember that key to success is with you only. Others can guide you, but it is you who has to strive and attain success.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Its good you have passed out in the 10th and 12th standard with improvement on the 12th standard. So do not worry about the past, just concentrate on your studies. Good you
    are doing your B.C.A and its a good choice to choose about the Computer Application. Keep studying until you get your degree, not to quit in the middle. Get all the helps from
    your friends who will be willing to teach you about the subjects you are weak and make you understand about the subject. Wake early and do the work of your weak subject. It
    may take some time to understand the subject, but definitely after a few efforts you will be able to understand the subject and pass through the semester. Since your friends are
    doing job, keep in touch with them. After completing the degree focus on the job.

    Bachelor of computer Application is very easy for the students who wants to pursue a career in the computer field. You have choosen the right course and need not worry about
    the career. Focus on the current subject and also in the weaker subject to make them work. Study harder to understand, clear your doubts in the subject with the help of your
    professor and friends. Clear those backlogs and get the degree. Try a Part time job while you are studying. Do not worry about the pay at this time. Ask questions about the
    weaker subject through the ISC and definitely the answers will be there.

    Be confident and bold that backlogs will be cleared and work for it. Also know about the verbal and quantitative aptitude test that will happen in the interview. Know Maths puzzle
    solving and clear them with in the time of practicing. Practice is the best solution as far as now to make things happen regarding the studies.

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