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    Why the firecrackers are not banned in india

    Ever wondered why firecrackers are not banned in India? Check out this page for responses from experts.

    I think it is high time for us to ask the government to ban firecrackers in India as they make so much air and noise pollution. They also deplete the Ozone layer. The government can ban firecrakers as it is not related to our culture.
    The report of WHO says that the amount of sulphur in air is 200 times greater compared to the limit set by WHO (world health organisation).
    My question is:
    Why should we only study about pollution?
    Why do we only plan about pollution?
    Why don't we execute all our plans?
    Awaiting response.
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  • The fireworks are in use in India since ages during festivals and many religious occasions. There are rules and regulations for controlling manufacture and sale etc. of fireworks and a licence under the Explosives Rules, 2008 framed under the Explosives Act, 1884 is required for the purpose.

    Thus though the Government of India has taken steps to regulate the safety and other aspects of the fireworks but it cannot be banned outright in absence of sufficient and valid grounds for the same.

    However, import of fireworks from China is banned due to safety consideration as the same don't fully meet the requirement of Indian rules and regulations.

    The sound level produced by the fireworks is regulated through the rules. Crackers producing sound level more than 125 dB(AI) or 145 dB(C)pk at 4 metres distance are banned.

    While framing any rule all relevant aspects of the issue are taken into consideration like impact on economy, employment generation capacity of the industry/trade besides the pollution and safety aspects.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • New rules regarding firecracker in India under Explosives Act has reduced the usage of the firecrackers in the public places. For example, using the noisy firecrackers such as small bomb like sounding crackers are banned. Firecrackers that get blasted and make noise above specific noise level are banned. So if any such firecracker are used, then the fine of 5000 Rs is applied. However a lot of firecrackers are yet to be banned. Also the amount of hazardous firecrackers that may affect the people are yet to be banned. So you may find that recent changes to the explosive act may prevent people from using such firecrackers during diwali, ganesh festival and navratri.

    It's not about only study anymore and now the things are going to be implemented. The reason being the issue is now in more severe places. As you can see the noise pollution studies reported to central and state governments have made people to stop using the dolby sound systesms. And so does the implementation of the law regarding the firecrackers is also going to make the difference there. It's not the situation like 90s anymore but now the laws are getting strict.

  • Firecrackers are used in almost all countries to celebrate various occasions, be it religious programme or marriage or any other happy occasions. Only a few days before, we have observed beautiful jugglery of light at Rio Olympics by firecrackers. How may people objected at that time? I have also noted that such questions start floating in the air whenever the festive months of majority community in India come closer.

    So far as air pollution and sound pollution are concerned, let us first take care of other major sources of these pollution. Thereafter we may restrict the use of firecrackers in future. At the same time, the Government has to take care of thousand of families whose earning members are actively engaged in making firecrackers.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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