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    Need career guidance in choosing the right job

    Searching for career related advice after mechanical engineering? Check out this page for response to all your queries.

    I have completed my BE in mechanical field.
    I don't know what to do next.
    I like working with computers, so I am thinking to join a IT company but don't have any IT skills.
    So now I have decided to go for design field in mechanical engineering. Will this choice give me high pay?
    I am confused.
    Which is the right career path for me?
    Awaiting suggestions.
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    You can learn soft skills, reasoning, interviews skill and some basic programming skills. This will prepare you for the IT based jobs. And you can go ahead with the jobs that you wish to do in IT domain. Most likely if you have more interest in programming then you can learn C, Python and Java as that has more demand. You'd be able to get jobs in entry level position. If not technical you can do the job in the testing, tech support and the voice support. Those are also the jobs worth going after. Most likely you'd need to polish your skills so that you'd be able to present yourself for the IT career.

    High pay and the growth depends on the company. Some companies have good growth. And some are steady with the business. In such case you'd have to take risks and switch companies. Most of the programming, testing and the backoffice jobs have high pay.

    Do note that in the position you get placed decides the pay. Also you have to work harder and go ahead with your life. That is how you can learn how to go with the growth. It takes time but it can be done.

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    If you want to do job in IT company follow the advice given by MR.Mahesh.
    Wants to become specialist in the field mech engg, you can do courses like autocad,CAM,CAD and can improve your chances of better pay and job opportunities. my advice is first you do autocad,CAM,CAD.

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    First please be clear about what you want and then take a suitable step towards it.
    As you have already done BE with Mechanical specialization, you have better grip on that subject rather than IT field. Many times, we feel abstracted towards other things and take wrong steps. So please make it sure that you want to work in Mechanical branch or IT branch?
    With Mechanical specialization also, you can get good jobs in companies like Larson & Turbo. You may add value to your professional profile by doing some short term courses like for Autocad which are designed based courses.

    Apart from all that if you still want to quit the mechanical branch and want to get in It field, you can easily get a job after doing some course related to Software tools, language, animation, etc as per your choice.
    But keep in mind that a regular degree always pay you more.


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    Its good to have a degree in Engineering in the Mechanical Field. Since Auto cad, CAD, CAM and also along with machine design softwares are available in the market, would be an added advantage to have a good career in the job.
    This will help you go in career of your degree related jobs such as in the Oil Companies, Car Companies,Manufacturing the machinery companies, etc...
    After the degree the first two years in a job will be like learning and some of the basic principles of understanding the job, the career will grow stronger if understood in depth
    and climbing the career ladder with the help of the internal positions been opened to apply through the company.
    The oil companies, working on the ship are offering good salary packages for the candidates who shows performance and hard workers nowadays.

    Since the student is suppose to learn the programming like C,C++,Java that comes for the lab as one of the subjects in the semesters the basics should have well known to you.
    Apart from that Aptitude, Verbal reasoning, Analytical problems, Maths puzzles would help you do get in any interview.

    Engineering degree is more sufficient for a candidate to get in the IT field, if the candidate is able to clear the interview. Java, Oracle are hot field that offers good packages if the candidate is good in programming.
    If you are good in Designing such as Computer Graphics, Animation, Cartoon designing, Film technology are also one of the good field offering competitive package.
    Apart from that working for some of the scientific companies that requires accuracy also offers best package in the industry.
    Know your talents by choosing whether you are good in designing, programming which best suits you and then proceed further. Learning would be a continuous process if the
    candidate wants to be in the IT field. Updating knowledge, quest for knowing things is also an added advantage of the computer field.

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