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    Best Ph.D. management specialization in India

    Want to pursue a Ph.D. in the Management field in India? Find out with expert guidance the options available for specialization in this field

    I have done MBA in Operations management in IGNOU. Now I would like to do a PhD in the same area. Since I did the course about 4 years back, I do not remember most of the subjects. So right now am unable to select a topic to do the research. Could someone suggest how I can go about this? My queries are as follows:

    1. If I select some broad area like Supply Chain or Quality or Project Management, will the Research Guide in the university be able to assist me in narrowing down to specific research?

    2. What is the difference between part time PhD & distance learning PhD, in terms of level of assistance from a Research Guide?

    3. Will NET exam help to apply for part time PhD? I think NET Exam is not required for Distance PhD. Please confirm this.

    4. Now that the Govt go ahead is available for IGNOU to continue providing PhD, is the value of PhD in IGNOU good enough or its not as good as even a part time PhD program?
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  • The eligibility criteria for admission/registration in an M.Phil./Ph.D. program offered by IGNOU is as follows -

    1.Master's degree of any recognized university or any other qualification recognized as equivalent with at least 55% at post graduation level (50% in case of reserved categories), and

    2. Qualifying the entrance examination conducted by the university at the national level on the pattern of UGC/CSIR.

    However, the candidates having M.Phil. degree or at least five years of related teaching/practical/industry/professional experience or those who have cleared JEST of DAE or UGC-NET or GATE of IIT may be exempted from the entrance examination.

    Regarding the difference in the level of assistance from the guide in cases of a part-time and distance learning programs, in my opinion, it primarily depends on the individuals concerned and cannot be quantified or differentiated. However, most of the work has to be done by the students themselves and guide's role is limited in providing direction /guidance only.

    Generally, each university /institution has its own procedure for admission/registration to the Ph.D. programs. The author may first identify the institution through which he wants to complete his Ph.D. and then follow the procedure of the said institution.

    The author may not look for short cuts or easy way to earn a Ph.D. degree. He may think about beginning his research work by studying the procedures adopted by different universities/institutions for admitting students in Ph.D. programs by visiting websites of the shortlisted universities/institutions.

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  • My point-wise replies to your queries are as under:-

    (a) You should meet the prospective guide with adequate preparation on the area of your specialisation. Only then meaningful discussion on choosing topic for PhD with the guide is feasible.
    (b) You are a student of Operations Management, so it may be little bit difficult but not impossible to choose topics on Supply Chain or Quality or Project Management. This entirely depends upon the guide.
    (c) In case of part-time PhD, you will get more time to complete the degree. You don't have to attend regular classes on Research Methodology. The level of attachment with your guide depend upon your personal relation with the guide, your interest on the topic an various other relate issues, and not on the full-time or part-time programme.
    (d) National Eligibility Test (NET) is for lectureship and/or for junior research fellowship. It is not required for admission in part-time PhD programme.
    (e) The value of PhD programmes of IGNOU is equal to that of any other UGC-recognised university.

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