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    How to type on a smartphone in an Indian regional language?

    Having a difficulty using smartphone in regional language? Wondering how to send whatsapp messages in regional language? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    My sister wants to know how to send a WhatsApp message in a regional language. For example, if she wants to type in Hindi an SMS festival greeting, how to do so? There are various languages available for the keyboard but she cannot figure out how to convert the keyboard with English alphabets to another language.
    Can you provide step by step guidance?
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  • 1. Verify if your smartphone has inbuilt facility of the required language. For this either refer to manual or(if android) go to the settings and click on 'language& input' or some other equivalent link. Then choose the needed language. Type and send the message . However the receipient also should have the same or similar facility inhis phone t receive the message correctly. Otherwise he/she may see only some small boxes or sme other symbols.
    2. Search for compatible apps that give the required language.(For example I am using an app " 'Aa" Malayalam keyboard' for typing in Malayalam. In that there is a selection " share text" . After typing needed matter if we press 'share text' button it gives choices like Bluetooth, messaging, WhatsApp etc. Choose the needed choice and send to the needed recipient.
    However here also the recipient should also have a compatible handset.(most smartphones are compatible) .
    There can be various apps like the one I mentioned , for your needed language. Choose them and do needful.

  • Android allows you to install the local language files on your phone. You can do this by going to Settings > Language. Here you get to choose the option from number of languages. You can also use the language on the keyboard set. Do note that it takes time for the keyboard language to appear properly as there is not much progress on the word dictionary for some languages.

    Apart from the built in option in which you may or may not find the language. You have to also download the language pack from the apps. And such language pack then allows you to use the language specific keyboard on the android app. Apart from this find the language support for the specific app. If the whatsapp has support for those encoding of language then you can post that content.

  • Not every phone has the facility of having inbuilt regional languages, thus there are many apps available in the market with which you can send messages in the regional languages.
    Another benefit of these apps is you can type words of regional language in English, but it will translate itself into regional language
    For eg -
    Aap kaise ho
    You will type this way but on the display it will be shown in regional Language
    I also use one such app on my android phone, it's name is "google indic keyboard" You can download it from play store .

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