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    How to use Reliance Jio 4G for internet in laptops and desktops ?

    Wondering how to access Reliance Jio internet on laptop or desktop? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Reliance Jio has kindled a lot of expectations and alternative opportunities.
    I had seen a demo where the real-time download speed was about 22 Mbps. Compare it with my current WiMax speed of 1.04 Mbps for my desktop.
    Does'nt it offer alternative and opportunity to use Reliance Jio SIM based internet starting with my Smartphone and then using 4G dongle for getting internet in desktop and laptop?
    Experts: do opine.
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  • I was a user of earlier CDMA based Reliance dongle since last 10 years. After the Government decision to close CDMA based system, the Reliance company had to switch over to GSM based system and simultaneously they availed the opportunity to switch over to 4G technology.

    Accordingly, my dongle stopped working and Reliance sold me another hardware describes as Wi-Pod 4G I LTE and provided new 4G SIM. There is a battery inside the Wi-Pod.

    Yesterday, I inserted the new SIM in the new hardware , keyed in asked data and it started working. Now I am able to work on my laptop. There is no need of inserting the dongle. The new hardware can be kept anywhere independent of the laptop. The same applies in the case of Desktop also.

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  • You can easily connect 4G Jio internet if you have 4G enabled handset. As Reliance Jio 4G only work on 4G handsets, I assume that you have 4G handset. Just as usual put your Jio SIM and turn on the hotspot in your mobile. To find out the option, go to settings -> mobile networks -> Wi-fi hotspot. Now you should turn on wi-fi in your laptop and connect it by receiving the signal from your smartphone. If you don't have wi-fi on your laptop or desktop, just buy a wi-fi USB modem and install it in your laptop / desktop. This wi-fi modem costs from Rs. 300/-.


  • Reliance has released the 4G dongles and Wifi devices. Make sure you have 4G SIM in order for you to connect with laptop and desktop. So you have better option to use one of these. Also if you have smartphone with support for the 4G LTE bands that reliance supports then you can use that as hotspot. And so you can use the hotspot or wired USB mode to connect with 4G connection. That should also work just fine for the wifi devices. You just need to connect with it with some initial setup on your desktop. It requires setting the password. That should work for connecting to the 4G network.

  • You can use WiFi from Laptop by taking facility of Jio WiFi hotspot. The data of Jio also helps to use Internet with suitable and compatible software.

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