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    What more I can do with the BSc IT degree in hand

    Unsure of what to study after BScIT? Looking out for career related advice? check out advice from experts on this page.

    I am currently in BSsc.IT 5th semester. My sudden interest in studies got me thinking about what I want to pursue in What more can I do in BSc IT degree and how does MBA in IT help me in more understanding of computers? What should I do to encourage myself to learn more as I am willing to give my time in learning and practising the course?
    Awaiting guidance about career.
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    Encouraging yourself to learn at any age is good. As your in the 5th semester of BSc IT, I would prefer you to complete that course and get selected in any of the campus interviews. After you start working I think now it's better for you to join for MBA IT from distance education center's, because at the same time you will have a pg degree and as well an experience of working in a company.
    For having a better job in future you need good degree as well an experience of working. When there is an opportunity for both why can't we opt both.
    Hope this response has helped you.

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    It should the final year you are studying right now and about to get graduated after the sixth semester. Probably choose a good project for your sixth semester and try to understand the programming languages of different operating system, different skills with the computer.
    In the mean time it will be good if you are able to concentrate on the campus interview. Make sure your percentage is eligible to attend the campus interview. Also to prepare for the campus interview its best to concentrate on the Aptitude questions,soft skills, mathematical questions, interview questions of different programming language, or the skills of your interest that would make you develop your talent further.
    M.B.A in IT is to enter in the management sector in the IT field. This usually takes at least of two years of experience working with a top IT company. It's also a good combination of choice if its your interest. There are also other choices that work with BSC IT. Msc (IT) or M.C.A is also one of the good choice that would interest your career. Usually BSC IT goes for three years. MBA IT in full time, goes for two years.

    M.C.A in full time goes for three years.
    If you feel still you wanted to study in full time, its good to do a part time job with interest that you gain you part time income.
    Later after your Masters degree of your choice you can make that a full time. This is also a good option instead of working full time.
    Else working full time in a good reputed company is also a good way later taking the studies along with the company is also a good idea. Internal career change will be an added advantage.

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    Its good you want to learn and grow as this is the very first step. Now if you want to grow in IT then there are hell lot of references available in today's world. While completing your degree go for learning new technologies in IT according to your career path. if you will learn by yourself and generate extra skills in you then after completing your degree you may apply for better job opportunities in IT industry as IT industry only see the skills inside you in the end.

    But if you want to continue your education then you can pursue the masters with IT Domain and choose your specialization inside IT but before choosing for specialization in masters first review yourself that what are you good at? In the end the professional people able to see your interest in particular IT skills and your learning attitude towards any new technology.

    So for growing your degree weight-age go for masters according to your interest and for growing your skills weight-age try to learn different technologies from today itself. In future with good higher degree and great skills you able to get bright future.

    Best of Luck.

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