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    Need guidance for solving following questions.

    Searching for answers to AMIE System Analyst questions? On this Ask Expert page you will get all the answers to your queries.

    AMIE section B, question paper of System Analysis and Design (CP-407) includes the following questions. Each question carries 2 marks. Questions are as below.
    1) Write the role of system analyst.
    2) Explain how gathering of requirements can be carried out.
    3) What is structured analysis? Name a tool to carry out structured analysis.
    4) What are different types of system testing? Write how carried out each.
    5) What is layered design? What are its advantages?
    6) Differentiate between black box testing and white box testing. Can one be used in place of another?
    7) What is system simulation? How does system simulation help in program development?
    8) What do you meant by system maintenance? Explain with the help of suitable example.
    9) What is a form? Mention various types of forms.
    10) What are the different security threats to an MIS application? Briefly explain.
    Experts: awaiting for quality reply.
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  • Please ask each question separately.Nobody will reply 10 question at a time. Better you download-System Analysis and Design pdf file from google.

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