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    What is Wi-Pod and how does it work?

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    Recently, the Reliance Jio company has supplied me a hardware described as the Wi-Pod in lieu of my earlier dongle which was working on conventional CDMA technology. What are the main similarities and differences between a dongle and a Wi-Pod? What is Wi-Pod and how does it work?
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  • Wi-pod is also a type of Wi-Fi device with the help of which one can access internet on 4G network. This device has been launched by Reliance. This device works in the same way as hotspot devices works. Wi-pod comes equipped with a 2300 mAh battery. It can provide downloading speed up to 150 mbps and uploading speed up to 50 mbps. Also, one can connect 31 devices at a time with Wi-pod and can access internet on each without any speed lag. It supports locked Rcom 4g Sim card which works over LTE network. It supports 3/5/40 bands which are generally offered by telecom companies in our country. However, unlike most of Wi-Fi devices it does not fall back to 3G and 2G network.

  • Wi-pod is a device which has power to reach out and hit even the most remote access points or wireless hotspots, especially fro travelers to keep connected with the high speed net connection. Wi-Pod is like more advanced device than the dongles. As in some places our dongle gets very low signal and that leads to the reduction in net speed, to avoid that Wi-Pod was created in mind of need to have the ability to reach a high speed internet connection wherever we went. Wi-pod has similarities with dongle like combination of ease of use, high power output and most important, portability due to their size.

    Capacity of Wi-pod is improved from the dongles as this works as independent device, whereas dongles works by inserting into our CPU/Laptops or into a adapter to be power on. And the Wi-pod supports more number of users with the constant high speed internet connection. And there are claims that these Wi-pod dongles can connect up to 31 devices.
    As of now in India - Reliance has introduced it as MIFI , Jio 4G LTE Wi-Pod.And storage, I mean SD card function is same as in the dongles.

    Wi-pod stays connected and provide the high speed net connection to till 21 feet and most of the dongles it doesn't keep connected for more than 12-15 feet. Hope this helps.

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