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    What type of openings can a fresher B Tech candidate expect to get immediately

    Searching for career options after BTech? Wondering about the future career enhancement? check out this Ask Expert page for response to all your queries.

    A job is imperative for a fresher if he is not opting for further studies.

    In the field of Engineering itself what all jobs can a fresh Engineering graduate expect to get normally? How will be the career enhancement then on?

    Rather than theoretical answers I would like to get real life experienced answers from those Engineers who got jobs after passing out.
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  • As far as a B.Tech. degree of a candidate is concerned, it means nothing until and unless the college/institution from which the same was completed is specified. Also, the branch or stream also matters.

    A candidate having passed a B.Tech. from reputed /premier institutions like IITs/NITs/IIITs and so many other premier institutions both in the private as well as in Government sector are likely to get jobs as a fresher also but many remain unemployed who complete their degree from a nondescript college by securing admission under management quota.

    Since B.Tech degree is a graduate degree, the candidates can compete in all competitive examinations for jobs where a graduation degree is the eligibility criteria.

    However, a B.Tech. degree alone is not a guarantee for a job. Many such graduates consider themselves lucky if they are able to land up in a job on salaries Rs. 10,000 to Rs15,000 in a month.

    Because of such reasons many B.Tech. degree holders look for completing further degrees like M.Tech. or a MBA or some short time courses of various nature.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • B.Tech and BE candidates if don't get the job during the campus, they have to individually apply to the companies. And this way one can get the calls from those companies for the off-campus placement. Such placement requires the good percentage, and the soft skills along with the ability of performing in the workplace with skills such as group discussion etc. These skills are vital for the IT environment. You need to have analytical and verbal skills for which you'd be able to get through the hurdles.

    If you fail to get the job at the campus and also in the off campus, then you'd have to take the local jobs. They may not pay you and the start with as low as 5000 Rs to 15000 Rs initially for a few years. Use that as an experience for your resume and then apply to the MNCs. Do note that you need to have some experience with small scale just in case if you are rejected for the reason of low percentage in academics or if for some reason you don't get employed.

  • The job market does not seem to be promising since we have reached the stage of saturation in almost all sector of jobs. The MNC companies offering jobs in the field of Software, Civil, Manufacturing, Chemicals did not respond aggressively this time in the Engineering-colleges for the recruitment of aspirants.
    In absence of such provisions, the aspirants may send their resumes in different notable companies indicating their their aggregates of each semester, the area of the stream with which they have pursued their studies and should be prepared to face the interview confidently. Your conceptual clarity in the subject, representation of the facts before the Board of interview may help you to achieve success.
    In the event of failure of getting a job even from off - campus source, you may try jobs in different sectors such as teaching, Hotel - receptionist, Sales agents of different companies etc so that you keep yourself engaged with some activities and secondly you are earning some remuneration for your activity.
    You may look out for the jobs of Bank - probationary officers, LIC executives, IAS jobs in the union public service commission etc with thorough preparation in the area which you are likely to choose. Upon successful completion of such tests followed by oral, you will settle down with a lucrative career in the service - field.

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