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    How to reduce global warming and increase groundwater

    Looking out for information about change in global warming and ground water? Check out responses on this page for all your queries.

    Which plant decreases ground water level? And what are the plants to be planted to increase groundwater level? Which plant need to be displanted from the ground?
    And what is the name of (karuvelam maran)the plant named in Tamil on English and how to stop it's growth?
    Awaiting response.
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    The issues raised by the author i.e. reducing global warming or increasing ground water cannot be handled at the individual level.

    As a matter of fact, it is a matter of serious concern of all the Governments across the world. The global warming issue cannot be handled even at the level of any Government of a particular country also as the atmosphere is seamless and the action or inaction of any Government affects the neighboring countries also. Because of such reasons only awareness is being created and programs chalked out by the United Nations like bodies are being implemented by all the countries across the world.

    Regarding increasing ground water level, some efforts at the local level are likely to yield some results. Many programs of rainwater harvesting and water conservation have been taken up at the Government level.

    The tree known as karuvela maram in South India is scientifically known as Vachellia nilotica and in Hindi belt it is known as Babul or Kikar tree. It is a wild tree and gradually with the increasing urbanisation etc. its growth is getting contained.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The concern of global warming and depletion of ground water level have reached to an alarming level. Now it is not only the duty of government of all countries but at individual level too, we can contribute positively. Apart from blaming government, if we do something at individual level, it will help in reducing global warming and increase water level significantly. Now what we all can do to save our earth.
    Use electricity judiciously by using low rating and efficient appliances.
    Use bicycle as much as possible.
    Use coolers in place of AC, if atmosphere is not very humid.
    Do not throw waste non degradable item in rivers/ponds. Every year plant at least one tree and take care of it.
    Construct water harvesting pit in your houses.
    Use water economically.
    Do not use chemical cosmetics, it is not at all necessary for your body.
    Eat healthy, live healthy. It will enhance your health and in turn production of medicines will decrease.
    Reduction in production of cosmetics and medicines will certainly reduce the factories producing it and in turn the gravity of global warming will be reduce significantly.

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    Nilgiri and banyan tree are known to reduce the water level in the ground. And for this reason they are also large in number nearby the water source. And they don't survive away from the banyan tree. The reason being they require more water compared to other plants.

    In case of global warming, the trees of various types are needed to improve the polluted air. The reason being the single type of the tree planting or removal doesn't help the nature. It works more randomly. And also the ground water holding capacity of the trees are not equal and consistent. That is one reason why you have to find alternate ways to save the groundwater. Also the water has to be stored during the rainy season. This in turn helps in keeping the plants alive during extreme weather conditions.

    Apart from this, there are some steps that are needed to be taken. The usage of the car and the bikes needed to be reduced. And the way the water and the electricity is being used, that needs to be taken care of as well. The use of the artificial chemicals and the things being used in the food and other places needs to be reduced over a period of time.

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    What is global warming? It is an increase in the world's average temperature due to green house gases and CFCs. how to reduce global warming this issue has been taken on at world climate change summits and asked the member countries to reduce emissions.
    To improve the ground water level there are many strategies,such as do not plant such trees who absorbs more water.In the cities every where concrete and cement has been placed and no ground has been left to absorbs rain water.Proper city planning and house designing may help to improve ground water level.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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