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    What are the main reasons of trains getting delayed?

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    Generally, most of the trains never reach their destination in time i.e. often get delayed. What are the main reasons of trains getting delayed? Why the railway timetable not made by leaving sufficient time margin for the trains to get delayed so that at least people can plan their programs accordingly?
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  • There are many reasons such as bad weather,bad track,derailment,accidents,getting signals to pass on from the station.

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  • The Indian Railway network is biggest railway network in the world. One can imagine how difficult is for Government to maintain the traffic on such a huge network with hundreds of trains using same network/routes.

    The delay in train due to many reasons like

  • Seasonal conditions like heavy rains

  • Technical faults

  • Change of network and route

  • Signal waiting

  • Illegal chain pulling

  • Derailment or problem on path/rail

  • Giving pass to high speed trains

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  • The reasons for trains getting delayed are mainly due to two categories.
    1. Technical reasons & reasons beyond control 2. Manual reasons

    Technical reasons & reasons beyond control of humans:
    Signal failure, engine failure, derailment, visibility poor due to bad weather, rains making track soil damp and loose and hence speed restriction, rail fractures and other damages, landslide blocking path, track getting flooded etc.
    Crossing of trains on single track routes, cascading effect due to delay of one or more trains, need of giving priority to certain prestige trains and their slight delay makes other trains also run late.

    Delay contributed by human actions and omissions.
    Driver fatigue, driver and other staff resistance or agitation, lack of responsibility and seriousness of the running staff and other department personnel to facilitate repair and services, passengers' complaint to redress some grievances like filling water, cleaning, food supply etc. and not allowing trains to depart, political agitations and hartal and protests.
    The above are just a few reasons which I have read or experienced delays due to. Recently on the return journey from Mumbai, the train was delayed six hours due to engine failure of a train that was before, and the delay got to eight hours at the fag end when there was a speed restriction due to an earlier derailment.

  • As a former operating staff of Railway, I would like to site following reasons for late running of trains in India:-

    (a) In India, tracks are limited. But the short-sighted political leaders (railway ministers) initiate one after another train on the same route to appease people. As a result, the load on limited track goes on increasing causing late-running of trains even in normal circumstances.
    (b) What the Government is required to do is immediate change in track capacity, i.e., in place of 4-lane track, India needs 8-lane tracks. In case of 2-lane track, the county needs 4-lane track, etc.
    (c) The movement of goods train should be regulated in a proper manner.
    (d) Shunting facility, towing facility of defective engines, etc. should be increased to avoid late-running.
    (e) Haphazard increase of stations (stops) is another reason for late-running.
    (f) Obsolete signal system is another major reason.
    (g) Due to limited track, accident, derailment and other abnormal conditions cause abnormal late-running of trains.
    (h) Indisciplined passengers also contribute to late-running by puling chains at different unscheduled places.

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  • There are plenty of reasons for the train getting delayed. Some of the most common reasons are as follows -

    1. Maintenance work.
    2. Shifting of track.
    3. Logistic drop down and delivery delay.
    4. Track not cleared for the new train.
    5. Poor signaling system.
    6. Derailed tracks.

    These are some of the known reasons when such stuff happens. But these days a lot of such issues are taken care of and things are delayed very rarely for the long journey trains. Local trains can be delayed in some cases.

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