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    Eating various fruits at a time is good or bad?

    Unsure whether it is beneficial to take various fruits at a time? Find advice from experts to your queries on this page.

    I have heard that it is not good to eat various types of fruits at a time. Few fruits contains vitamin C i.e. citrus acid. So it is good or bad for health?
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  • Generally, seasonal fruits, if consumed in moderation are good for normal health.
    Fruits should preferably taken after meals, and in a little quantity after snacks. With more than one fruit,one can make fruit salad and eat.
    However those having any health issues, which prohibit a particular one or more fruits, then they should take their doctor's advice.

  • Fruits should be consumed empty stomach in the morning. This is the best practice however someone can eat fruit before meals at least 30 minutes. Never eat fruits in night and eat only one fruit at a time. Do not take many fruits of different natures at a time. do not take fruits which is not suitable for your body.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • There are some fruits that contain the vitamin and minerals that end up cancelling each others benefit. So you have to choose the fruits wisely while making the salad. Also depending on your metabolism and sugar levels, you have to add or remove some fruits. And that's one reason eating various fruits at the same time can be not good for you. Especially if you have blood pressure then that does affect your health over a period of time.

    If you are mixing the fruits with milk or curd, then do check your health before taking this in routine way. The reason being some fruits are not good for you in this way of consumption and may affect your metabolism and sugar levels. It is better to consume the fruits which are good for your health. And you have to exclude some fruits even though they maybe good but combined with other fruits may affect the health.

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