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    What is glaucoma? Is it curable?

    Want to know the cure for glaucoma? Find suggestions from experts here, on this page.

    I would like to know about glaucoma. What is the cause of this optical problem? Is it curable or non-curable? If it is non-curable, then how can it be prevented or slowed down at the early stage? Which specific food can slow down the glaucoma? And last but not the least, what are the specific treatments available for glaucoma?
    Experts: kindly guide.
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  • Glaucoma refers to eye related disorders that causes problem to optic nerve which sends signal to our brain. It is generally found in people above age of 40 years but sometimes it can also be found in adults and infants. It is very difficult to recognize if a person has Glaucoma or not because it has very small or no symptom. But if someone is suffering from Glaucoma he can be diagonised and treated. Glaucoma treatment generally include prescription eye drops, laser surgery and microsurgery. Eye drops treatment : These drops reduce the formation of fluid in the front of the eye or in some cases increase its outflow.These drops may also cause side effects.These Side effects may I include allergy, redness of the eyes, blurred vision, and irritated eyes. Some glaucoma drugs can also affect the heart and lungs. Laser surgery treatment : Laser surgery slightly increases the outflow of the fluid from the eye or eliminates fluid blockage.Laser surgery for glaucoma includes trabeculoplasty in which a laser is used to open the trabecular meshwork drainage area. Another is iridotomy in which a tiny hole is made in the iris that allow the fluid to flow more freely. Third one is cyclophotocoagulation in which a laser beam is used to treat areas of the middle layer of the eye to reduce the production of fluid. Microsurgery treatment : It is an operation which is called trabeculectomy. In this operation a new channel is created to drain the fluid which reduces intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma. Sometimes microsurgery fails and must be redone. Sometimes, a glaucoma implant, a tube that helps to drain fluid from inside the eye, is the best option. Open-angle glaucoma is generally treated with various combinations of eye drops, laser trabeculoplasty, and microsurgery. If you are born with it then it is primarily treated with surgery, because the cause of the problem is a very distorted drainage system. Glaucoma can not be prevented but it can be diagonised and treated under time. So, tegular check up is necessary to know if you are facing this problem. Since, it is related with eye so you must take food which are rich in vitamin A like milk, carrot tomato, green leafy vegetables and fruits. If you follow some precautions then you cam save your self from this disease.

  • On the rear side of the eye, the retina is situated which is a layer of light-sensitive tissue lining the inside of the eye and is made of nerve fibers. These optic fibers send signals to the brain which interprets the image. In the healthy eyes, a clear liquid called aqueous humor circulates inside the eyes and maintains a certain pressure on the retina. In the normal eyes, a small quantity of humor is produced in the retina and an equal amount flows out of the eyes and thus pressure in maintained.

    In the patients suffering from glaucoma, the aqueous humor does not flow outside eyes properly and the pressure inside the eyes increases, which is apprehended with the danger of damaging the retina as the increased pressure damages the optic nerves.

    Generally, the people with glaucoma have no early symptoms or pain from this increased pressure. Therefore, periodic check-up of the eyes by an experienced ophthalmologist is required to be done once in one or two years, so as to detect it in the early stages before it damages the optic nerves causing a vision loss. In case of a family history of glaucoma and in patients suffering from diabetes, more frequent checkups may be required.

    Glaucoma cannot be prevented. However, in case detected early, it can be treated and controlled. The treatments include the use of eye drops and laser surgery. Loss of vision caused by glaucoma is irreversible and cannot be restored. The vision loss in case of people suffering from glaucoma is silent, slow and progressive.

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