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    Availability of Organizer guide book for M-Tech in CSE for MAKAUT (formerly WBUT)

    Organizer is the bible of students of MAKAUT(WBUT). Is there a similar organizer book available for M-Tech students in CSE? Is studying this Organizer enough for B.Tech or M.Tech students?

    I know that B-Tech students in MAKAUT (formerly WBUT) follow 'Organizer' book during exam for preparation. Is there a similar organizer book available for M-Tech in CSE? How do M-Tech students study in MAKAUT? How hard are M-Tech semester papers for an average B-Tech student who used to follow Organizer in B-Tech?
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  • Yes, B.Tech students study "Organizer" book to appear in the examinations. But, no such options are there for the M.Tech examinations. No one can measure "how hard" is an examination for you. You will realize yourself how difficult is M.Tech CSE questions for you. What is tough to you can be easy to someone else. What is easy to can be tough to others. You would have to ask the students of MAKAUT that how they study in MAKAUT. I have taught in MAKAUT for a long time and being there I understood the problems as why they are not scoring enough.
    You have to do the following to study M.Tech without the help of "Organizer" book. I am giving this straight from my experience.
    1. Attend the M.Tech classes regularly. Don't miss a class unless you are terribly sick.
    2. Students are so dependent on their organizer that they don't buy the respective text books of the subjects. As a result they don't understand the background of the answers given in organizer. Buy each and every text book of the subjects of CSE. If you find them costly, buy them at lower prices from College Street shops or the official website ofm Amazon.
    3. Complete your syllabus much before your semester examination. You will be able to know which are the parts you are lagging in.
    4. Take the help of your fellow classmates to help you through your problems and if that is not enough take tuition in the subjects you are lagging behind.
    5. Lastly, go to the official website of WBUT or MAKAUT. There you will find a lot of M.Tech CSE question papers. Solve them and you will get a lot of common questions from there.

    Live life Kingsize!

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