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    Difference between iphone and smart phone?

    Difference between iPhone and smart phone.What is the reason behind the high cost of iPhones? What are the special characteristics of iPhone and smart phone.

    Tell the difference between iPhone and smart phone? Tell those features which are not common.What are the advantages of iPhone over smart phone? Why are the iPhones are so costly? Is the cost justified or they are simply applying to get as much as the rich customer can pay strategy.
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  • iPhones uses iOS which is a proprietary mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. Other companies have no access to iOS operating system and therefore uses other mobile operating systems, the most common being Android of Google Inc. This is the main difference between the iPhone and other smartphones. Besides, iPhone other Apple products like iPad and iPod touch operate on iOS. iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system in the world, after Android.

    Regarding the hardware i.e. iPhone, the Apple Inc. have recently launched its latest version iPhone7 which is likely to be available October 7, onwards. They are providing new features like the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone making it 2× faster than iPhone 6 , longest battery life ever in an iPhone, splash and water resistant, an entirely new camera, the brightest, most colourful iPhone display yet, ultra-fast wireless with the best worldwide roaming, new stereo speaker system and EarPods with Lightning Connector etc.

    The iPhones are superior in quality and features and their proprietary mobile operating system iOS makes it a class apart from other systems. The Facetime feature offered by the iPhones is a unique video telephony system which is free of cost as it functions on iOS only.

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  • All iPhones are smart phones, but not all smart phones are iPhones.There is no clear definition of a smart phone. But if you buy a smartphone, you get better features than you would get in a feature phonelike better camera, better gaming and a better internetbrowsing experience. However, there are many other smart phones in the market, three being the mostwell known and reputed- Android, IOS and Windows Phone. These three are platforms and you can find various brands making phones using these platforms.All the three have their own perks, but IOS and windows phones offer a better and more refined experience than android I guess. Where android needs heavier processing power, windows phones and apple device do not. Hope this helps!

  • All iphones are smartphone and there is nothing that iPhone can do differently which you can;t find on other smartphones. Only difference with iPhone and other phones is that it has Apple's closed source operating system known as "OS X". This operating system is specific to the device and so are the updates.

    In case of other smartphones which are not made by apple you'd find them having OS like Android, Sailfish, Meego, Taizen etc. But those have some differences in the feature set of each of the phone.

    Another difference is on the hardware level. Some of the apple's connectivity point such as firewire are closed source. They are not shared by other manufacturers. Like USB OTG, you have different connectivity for charging and file transfer. So such small changes makes difference. But such small changes don't offer much improvement or productivity at all. However the amount of market fad and the demand makes apple's phone look good.

  • Iphone runs on the ios operating system(OS). The ios is only for i phone. The iPhone was introduced in June 2007 by the Apple company. The iPhone is technologically advanced and also aesthetically appealing. The data can be inserted by the user with a touch on the screen, eliminating the mouse, keyboard or keys, then it was taken by then Apple CEO, Steve jobs.
    The best feature of the Apple iPhone is the, 'Apple Store'. 'Apple store', is an online application distribution platform where the user can download applications and directly purchase on to the phone.

    The reason, 'iPhone is costly', its due to its design, the looks of the iPhone, performance and their tight security. They Customization in lacking and ability due to their strict in terms of guidelines, they are expensive.
    The spare parts of the iPhone are also costly even if damaged.

    Smartphone runs on-Operating Systems are available on multiple brands of cellphones. Smartphone runs on any operating system like Windows,Android, Blackberry, Symbian, just like a mini computer.
    Smartphones have different features such as computer capabilities, calling capabilities,online surfing, cameras,GPS navigation units,video conferencing,media players etc. Ericsson in 1997 introduced the term "Smartphone" in the market. Smartphone word describes its GS 88 'penelope' concepts as smartphone.

  • If ORDINARY phones mean feature phones, then iPhone is a Smartphone.

    If ORDINARY phones refer to other Smartphones when compared to iPhone, then there ain't much difference. However, iPhones run on Apple's in-house built iOS which can be only found in Apple devices. Other Smartphones may run open source softwares such as Android, or proprietary softwares of the respective manufacturers.

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    Smartphones combine cellphones and PDAs into a single device that offers much of the same functionality as a basic computer. An iPhone is a type of smartphone. The iPhone offers many of the advanced features found on other competing devices, but it also differs from other smartphones on the market.

    Operating System - - iPhone runs on iOS operating system and this operating system is solely used by iPhone. Whereas other smartphone operating systems include Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows and these run on multiple brands of cellphones. One Difference is the that iOS doesn't allow the same level of customization and programming as the systems that run other smartphones.

    Compatibility --The first four versions of the iPhone must be synchronized with a personal computer and iTunes. An iPhone user needs a Mac or a Windows-based computer and an iTunes account. This sets it apart from the majority of smartphones on the market, since other phones don't require a computer to set up and use the phone. The release of iOS 5 changes this requirement, allowing those without computers to own the iPhone.

    Applications --The iPhone connects to Apple's App store, which offers thousands of applications for use on the iPhone. Programmers must use a special set of developer tools to make the apps, and many have at least a small fee for use. Other operating systems don't require the use of propriety software for application development. Despite this requirement, and the stipulation that Apple approve the program, as of the time of publication the iPhone has the widest selection of applications available and is the only phone with advanced video editing capabilities.

    Hardware--The iPhone has different hardware from other smartphones. The reported battery life is one of the longest of any smartphone on the market, as of the time of publication. The iPhone's screen size is smaller than most other smartphones, but it has an extremely high pixel density, giving it one of the sharpest resolutions available. The iPhone incorporates built-in storage with different hard-drive sizes available, but it doesn't incorporate a memory card slot for additional storage space. A slot for external memory is a common feature on other smartphones.

    Cost -The iPhone is more expensive than other smartphones on the market. Part of this is because the iPhone was the first smartphone released and other companies decided to compete with the device based on price. However, most Apple products have a higher retail cost than similar products released from other manufacturers.

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