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    Does weight training affects our height?

    Trying to increase the height at the age of 16. Short height is in our family tree, what to do?Has heredity something to do with short height? Does weight training affect our heights in a good way or bad way?

    I'm 16 year old...with height 5'3" my weight 64....I'm trying to increase my height up to 5'7"..but I go to gym to shape my body...also I do weight training ..Will it stop growth of my height....or will it help me to increase my father is 5'4" it hereditary that my height will also remain 5'4" or 5'"3
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  • If you are taking exercises for all-round development of body muscles and stretching and strengthening joints, then you need not worry about height.

    However if you overwork on only weight training and that weighs down on your muscles and closes the folds and joints, then, gradually there can be an apparent feeling of a slight reduction in height. That is because, to stabilize, the upper muscles and bones are pushed down and they exert on the 'washer' between the joints and folds and reduce gaps in these places by twisting and pulling the tendons and muscles around also.

  • The reason people say weightlifting stunts your growth is as follows

    During adolescence, there's this thing in your bones or something, don't really know what it is, but anyway after adolescence, this thing fuses together with the bone, and you stop growing, which is usually around 18, in some people as late as 25. What happens is that if you damage this thing, you'll stunt your growth, but with good form/warm ups/stretching/not going heavier than you can handle, I assume the entire problem can be easily avoided. That's why most say wait till 18 to start lifting.
    If you do heavy squats you will shrink a few centimeters but that is only gravity because your bones in your back are compacting but they will contract as you sleep. If you measure yourself as soon as you wake up and at night you will be a bit taller in the morning peace.

    Heredity also plays a major role in height factor. If your parents are taller chances of you being taller is also High. But in your case as you are saying that your father is 5'4'' and you are 5'3'' and you want to increase your height up to 5'7''. I think it's possible as you ate in growing period, so you should consult a coach who can recommend you some special exercises and stretching activities to increase your vertical height. You must also consult a dietitian to help you with diets which are helpful for growth. And one more thing, don't try to lift very heavy weights because to some extent weightlifting affects vertical growth.

  • Only weight training forces a person to stoop while lifting weight. If rigorous weight training goes on for years together, the heavy weights may have any adverse impact on lower body muscles and joints, and the trainee will permanently stoop. So, this may cause a feeling of reduction of height. To neutralize the stooping, a trainee must have to take necessary measures in respect of upper body muscles and joints.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Taking exercise everyday is good for health. If you are looking to increase the height, there are different exercises that can increase the height.Jumping, flexible bending, pull ups. These are some of the exercises to increase your height based on the age and heredity.
    Weight lifting workouts too much may have effects on the growth of bones. Gym instructor would be able to change the exercises according to the aim of the candidate.

  • There could be slight reduction in the height because of involvement of weight lifting exercise on a continious basis. This is due to the fact the bones and muscles connected with the legs and arm remain in compressed state for an appreciable period. This may cause slight distortion in terms of height.
    To avert the same, you may consume a few dry nuts regularly such as Cashews, Almonds etc to compensate the nutrients especially Calcium.

  • Weight training does affect the height and also the metabolism rate. And this may be possible to see with your eating patterns and gained weight. So you can see that if you want to increase the height, then you should focus on the exercise such as cycling and the gymnastics. Those are much better in terms of the height gaining. Otherwise, you'd have different metabolism to which you have to compensate with the other activity. I'd say make sure you increase your height while you have the age. After that you can go ahead with the weight training and other exercise to shape your muscles.

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