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    How do I improve my spoken english

    How do I improve my spoken English? Tell me the best books on Hindi to English.
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  • This question has appeared many number of times in this forum and there was always great participation from the members. I wish to state that instead of referring some books on improving spoken English, the author can consider having interaction with fellow persons or friends at the home or in office and never feel shy to talk. Before hand you tell the persons that you are in the learning process of English and hence they must correct you, if you are telling wrong or drifting away from the topic. That way you can expertise learning this beautiful language. Mind it no one was perfect in the beginning and every one learned through a process.

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  • You purchase one good dictionary and read,word and meaning.Daily read one alphabet's word, means read and try to memorise the all important word beginning with A. Second day from B,likewise read whole dictionary.Then start reading English news paper say Hindu and note down all the words and their meaning which you do not know.try to speak English with your friends and strangers. Take English spoken course such as fluenzy.

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  • If you want to improve your English speaking skills then reading will be one option for you. Other than that you need to use active listening skills. Also observe how others pronounce the words.

    Reading will increase your vocabulary. That will certainly help you while speaking.

  • Every language has two parts, spoken and written. In India, in earlier days we used to give importance on the writing part of learning English. Now with the increasing importance of communication in English, spoken English is gaining popularity. The steps which are required to be taken to speak English are indicated below:-

    (a) Read English newspaper by making sounds. Try to learn difficult words and also their usage in sentences.
    (b) Allocate at least 30 minutes everyday and give a speech about a chosen topic in English in front of a mirror.
    (c) Try to form a group of friends and practice speaking English among the friends in the group.
    (d) Join an institute for practice of speaking in English.
    (e) Speak in English in 'appropriate' surroundings. Note the stress on 'appropriate', not on 'all'.
    (f) Most importantly, don't discontinue the habit of speaking English at a later stage. Remember practicing is the only way to speak fluently. It is applicable for all languages.

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  • The best way to learn how to speak a language, it's usage in our day to day life. The person who wants to improve his speaking skills should do this by public speaking and using the language as much as they can in their normal conversation.
    And even if they don't find anyone who speak, they can practice in front of a mirror or with any non living thing. And other than these things sites like ISC are one of the best platforms to improve these skills though the peoples don't have interaction here by speaking, but responding to the views of others thoughts also improves a person 's command over the language.
    If someone have time enough watching Hollywood movies, reading novels, etc., is not a bad idea these things not only enhances vocabulary, but also boost up a person's confidence in speaking the language.

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  • The following tips would help you in improving your English provided you take genuine interest -
    1) Allocate 30 minutes time for English paper reading such as Times of India, The Hindus, The Hindustan - times etc. Sincerely go through the contents including the editorials. In case, you do come across difficult words and mark them in a separate note- book, know its correct usage with the help of dictionary. Such operation is to be carried out on a regular basis.
    2) Create confidence within yourself and set aside negativity if any and in that way you can expedite your learning - process.
    3) You may start speaking English loudly before the mirror when you are alone, this process will help you in boosting up your confidence in conversation.
    4) You may take the help of TV also by having a glance over the news channels such as CNN, BBC etc, you can enhance your art of conversation.
    5) Join in the company where English - conversation is going on and if possible take part in the discussion with their permission. Ask them to alert you if some mistake is committed during the process of discussion.

  • It totally depends on the calibre/present status of the person who needs to improve his spoken English. Therefore, first you have to decide the level of the individual that is how much knowledge he is having of grammar and vocabulary. After ascertaining the approximate level, you can decide on individual basis. However you can go ahead with following activities.
    1. Start with any English speaking course and seriously pursue the course either online or offline. It will give you continuity.
    2. Start reading basic grammar specially start learning sentence framing correctly.
    3. Read newspaper loudly.
    4. After being slightly confident, start selecting a topic and speak something loudly in front of mirror.
    5. Do not think much about grammar while speaking.
    6. Practice speaking as much as possible.
    7. Learn five new word daily and whole day use that word at different level as per your convenience.
    8. Keep your morale up and avoid negativity.

  • English is a language been spoken worldwide. English has became an important aspect as the works where the communication takes place.
    English Level can be started from Beginner level, Intermediate level, Advanced level of learning types in English.
    People speaking other mother tongues, probably use English as a second Language for learning, communicating, conversing, etc.... For them its a bit difficult to understand and speak, because in the middle they tend to mix the Mother tongue along with the speaking.
    Listening, Reading, writing and speaking are the important aspects to learn a Language from the start level to a expert . As Beginner student tend to talk from the kinder garden level to school level, then to the college level and to the university level and do tend to use in the daily normal life.
    Learning is a continuous process like speaking Mother tongues.

    Beginner level :
    Start from the scratch, look for your old English school books and start learning from the scratch. Write as much as you can in English and learn each and every word with spellings. Since these books already read by you it won't take much time for you to understand the language.
    Read, Write and speak with confidence and there won't be much mistake.

    Intermediate Level :
    Move your reading of books from the school level to college level. start reading story books, comics in English, look for English movie channels.
    Read as much as you can and also write and understand them. In which situations these words are been used and what do they mean exactly.

    Advanced Level :
    Find a library start looking for the conversation practice for English books. Learn the book and understand the language. Say to your self while you are learning the words, look for the meaning and understand the word what it means. Then build simple sentences with those words.
    Make full sentences with those words. Build conversation with words initially and then move on to continuous conversations.

    since this habit will make you think and automatically you will start speaking English and changing dynamically speaking according to the situations you can build your conversation at public places.

    The best way to look for books are the British Council library if you are close to the city. Since internet with computer is a good place to learn from Hindi to English, what ever you type on the Google it will translate in to the English word with meanings.
    Keep practicing, check you language skill level taking up the interviews or for what purpose you wanted your English knowledge to get developed.
    Probably you can download free books from the google with the topics you wanted.

    Watch channel like cartoon, movies now, HBO where the words are spoken very less for a minute. Then move on the news channel like BBC, CNBC, Indian channels also are good enough to learn some of the basic English.

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