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    What are green toilets which are to be provided in railway coaches?

    Searching for information about green toilets which are to be provided by railways? Find responses from experts on this page.

    We sometimes come across reports in the media that the Indian railway is providing green toilets in the railway coaches. Sometimes references about composting toilets are also seen? What exactly are green toilets and composting toilets and how they are different from the conventional toilets?
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  • In conventional toilets when someone goes for toilet the latrine and the urine(waste) fall on the track and leads to in-hygiene and dirtiness. Under the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan conventional toilets to be replaced with a green toilet ( green toilet means(EFTS) environment friendly toilets system). There is two types of the EFTS, 1. the bio-toilet system 2. zero discharge toilet system. In the bio-toilet system, human waste is converted into liquid and gases. The gases get mixed with air and liquid is discharged on the track. In the zero-discharge system, solid and liquid waste is separated and removed at the stations.

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  • A green toilet is such toilet which discharges effluents according to the environmental norms. The system is also known as environment-friendly toilet system. Indian Railways has been developing two types of the such environmental-friendly toilet system. One is known as the bio-toilet system and the other one is the zero discharge toilet system.

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