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    What is the Rio Paralympics 2016?

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    After the conclusion of Rio Olympics, there are news reports appearing in the media about Rio Paralympics 2016. What is Paralympics and how the same is different from Olympics? How many events are organised in Rio Paralympics 2016 and athletes from how many countries are participating in the same?
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  • The Paralympic is a multi sport event organised for athletes with any kind of physical disabilities with impaired muscle power (e.g. paraplegia and quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, Post-polio syndrome, spina bifida), impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency (e.g. amputation).
    These events organised give a chance to the people with disabilities to prove that they are nowhere less than any normal person.
    This year the host of summer Paralympic is also Brazil and official mascots for these are named as Tom and Vinicius which were selected through public voting in which Tom represents the flora of Brazil.
    Events organised this year are
    Wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, Judo, wheelchair fencing,Goal-ball, Swimming,5-a-side football, wheelchair tennis, Road cycling, Power-lifting, Sitting volleyball, table tennis
    Wheelchair basketball, Track cycling, shooting,equestrian,7-a-side football, archery, Triathlon, sailing, canoeing and rowing
    These events are going to be organised at various venues and stadiums in Brazil.

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  • The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games are being held between 7th-18th September 2016. Around 4350 athletes from more than 160 countries have come to Rio to compete in 528 medal events in 22 different sports. Out of the total number of athletes taking part in different events, approximately 1650 are women participants. The women athletes have been competing in 224 medal events.

    Canoe and triathlon have been included in the Games for the first time in Rio with each sport having six medal events, equally split between male and female athletes.

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  • The Paralympics are Olympic of disables. The participants who participate in this event are those who are suffering from some kinds of disability. The disabilities include impaired muscle power, Limb deficiency, short stature, vision impairment, ataxia and intellectual impairment among others. The games are governed by the International Paralympic Committee and just like the Olympics; it has summer and winter games. The Paralympic games are held just after Olympic Games since 1988. The first ever Paralympics were held in Rome, Italy in 1960. Currently there are twenty two sports at summer Paralympics.
    4300 athletes from 161 countries are participating in this year's Paralympics. India has sent their largest Paralympics team ever with 19 participants.

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