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    Need suggestions for better career option

    Unsure of what career option to select? Tired of hectic pressure at work? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I have completed BTech in 2015 with 75% and got placed in a company. I am still working there but because of some health issue I am unable to take that much hectic pressure. Hence I am looking for a job change.
    Basically I like designing and travelling. I am hardworking and creative.
    Now I am in a dilemma about which field should choose: Govt jobs[banking,railways],or continue in IT sector.
    My goal is to go to abroad via job. Now I am unable to take decision about my career.
    Experts: do provide suggestions.
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    It is always advisable to explore for better opportunities and try one's best to make progress and achieve career growth. However, since the author of the question is already having a job in hand, he should not leave that and explore other possibilities while continuing in the job.

    As far as, hard work is concerned, that will be required in all other jobs also. Generally, all jobs in the private sector are very demanding in nature. Also, getting a Government job has become very competitive in nature. Leaving the present job without any attendant guarantee to get a Government job positively is likely to lead to frustrations later.

    While continuing in the present job, the author is likely to be self-dependent financially and pay for application cost and fee etc. in case opting to pursue any other course through distance learning mode etc.

    Trying for Government jobs in banks or railways etc is no achievement in itself. One has to actually get a job by clearing the competitive examinations successfully. Therefore, it will have to be decided by the author himself as to whether continue in the IT sector or try for Government jobs. In case a Government job becomes actually available with hard work and due preparation without leaving the present job, then the same will be better than IT jobs.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Its good you are holding a degree with good percentage and now with a job in a company. A fresher when joins a company its a new environment for the freshers and it takes time for you to understand the industrial techniques and the way of working.
    Make sure you take care of Health. Get as much as health advises here at ISC. Also do some meditation in order to reduce the stress . Every company who hires a candidate might be having a bond or contract and due train them according to the candidate's talent and puts them in the project, this goes minimum for two years inside the same company. Even after the bond if the found the talent is good the candidate can stick to the same company else can go and find the job in other company.
    Do some regular physical exercise, take some games, this reduces the stress level.
    Person who have done the B.E, B.Tech mostly ambitious to go abroad along with the best packages, even settle there itself. Probably taking a job change after two years would give you some experience in the field along with the relieving certificate from the company. Nowadays its more competitive and got to find a graded company, so that they may send you abroad for their projects till the project is completed. Since designing are of many types. Join a course of designing of your interest take time to Master the design and change the field. Mostly its good if you work with the private company if you are looking to go abroad for working. Since you are creative try for Animations, design courses in the Animations, Gaming industry to choose a course. Stay with your job since pressure will be there because this is the first job, manage the pressure. Go outside early morning take fresh breaths.
    Also try to take a Masters degree either a Part Time or Full Time depending upon your interest to boost your package and chances of going abroad will me more.

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    As you mentioned that you can not take much pressure so don't think too much because health is first priority.
    We all know that IT has a great career scope but it has too much pressure .

    If I talk about bank jobs than It is also a good option & you may get a chance to go for abroad but yes bank schedule is also hectic.

    If I talk about railway jobs -It is also a comfortable job but abroad opportunities are not there.

    Now SSC CGL - You can get selected as Assistant in MEA Post through CGL exam.
    You can get Foreign Posting , it totally depends on your own choice.
    You can spend whole life in New Delhi. If you have a jack you can also get home posting in R.P.O (Regional Passport Office)

    So after analyzing I can say that SSC CGL is one of the best job for you because you will get comfort zone as well as your goal can be complete of going for abroad.

    You are doing job right now so i will not suggest you to leave the job & start the SSC CGL Preparation , Prepare for SSC CGL with your jobs .Yes many of the people like you do the competitive exam preparation after the hectic schedule of job ..why??? because they actually want that.

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