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    Correction in DOB in transfer certificate of matriculation

    Wondering how to correct DOB in SSC transfer certificate? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I did my matriculation in 2005 and my DOB is 14/10/1990 in gazette and 24/10/1990/ in transfer certificate.
    Can I change my DOB in transfer certificate? If yes, then what is the process to correct DOB in my transfer certificate?
    Awaiting advice.
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    The author has not mentioned anything about the board of his matriculation examination and school/college etc. There are many state boards and central boards and procedure is not likely to be uniform in all the cases.

    Also, mentioning the purpose of changing the date of birth in the transfer certificate is also likely to be helpful in answering the query as generally, the matriculation certificate is taken as a basis for determining the date of birth instead of the transfer certificate.

    Generally for the jobs etc. transfer certificate is not a mandatory document and only the certificates/degrees are called for reference and verification.

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    As soon as the birth of a baby takes place,his date of birth is recorded in the office of municipality in case of a town or in case of village, it is recorded by village chowkidar. The same may be utilised for the purpose of proof for the correction of date of birth.
    The other option is to approach the rotary magistrate of your area with the proof of a birth certificate issued either municipality office or by chowkidar of the village. You have to submit an application along with date of birth certificate before the lawyer so as to expedite the same.
    You would be issued a corrected certificate from the office of rotary magistrate in due course. The same has to be circulated in a local news paper for wide publicity. Then the Board - office has to be contacted along with the recommendation of the Principal of your school for the correction to be made in the Matriculation - certificate. Lastly, you would get a duplicate certificate indicating correct entry of your date of birth.

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    The person born on or after 1989 is required to produce birth certificate as their valid DOB certifying document. Since your date of birth is 1990, therefore your transfer certificate will not be the valid document to prove your DOB. If your Matriculation certificate is having correct DOB, then you can submit an application to your respective Matriculation Board duly forwarded by your school principal along with Board certificate and copy of gazette. After submission, you will have to come again to board office to collect the corrected certificate or it can be sent to your postal address too. The same can be done in any document if you have valid birth certificate.

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    It is possible through a proper affidavit but for that you need to have one valid proof of your correct DOB. Once you submit your affidavit with government prof it can Be changed.

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