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    What are AirPods to be launched by the Apple Inc. in October 2016?

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    Nowadays, much discussions and debates are underway in the media about the AirPods to be launched by the Apple Inc. in October 2016. What actually are the AirPods and how they are different from the EarPods to be supplied together with iPhone7 by the Apple Inc.?
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  • Airpods:-
    - Apple is launching its first wireless headphones known as airpods. It will consist of two ear buds. Look of these ear buds will be similar to that of earpods. Each of them however is designed to sit separately in each ear.
    - It will also carry accelerometres and microphones.
    - W1 i.e., Apple's first wireless chip will power airpods.
    - Airpods through bluetooth will connect with other devices.
    - They are powered with 5 hours life on a single charge. Power bank comes with it for charging purpose.
    - Double tap option on it helps to pause or play music and even for launching Siri.
    - They are not made water proof but can resist sweat and rain.

    Here are the changes which will differentiate Apple's AirPods with EarPods.
    1) In Airpods following changes are made-
    2) Analog headphone jack is dropped.
    3) Fast processors,
    4) Bright and improved displays,
    5) Stereo speakers,
    6) Analog adapter,
    7) Lightning enabled power bank,
    8) Additional sensors.

  • Airpods are designed to use with apple as well as non-apple devices. They connect automatically and controls with its specialised sensors. It contains an Apple W1 chip through which a better wireless connection and effective sound can be generated. These airpods battery should be charged and battery case is provided, in which 15 minutes of charge equals to 3 hours of battery life. Siri, personal assistance of an iPhone can be activated by double tapping on airpod. Airpods filter off the background noises while using siri. It automatically connects with all apple devices.

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