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    What is the definition of eve-teasing as per Indian Penal Code?

    Looking out for the definition of eve teasing? Wondering how it is defined as per Indian Penal Code? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    Nowadays, many cases of eve-teasing are reported in the media. Is eve-teasing a punishable offence as per India law and what is the definition of eve-teasing as per Indian Penal Code? Under what sections of Indian laws cases can be registered in such cases?
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  • The eve-teasing is unwanted sexual remarks or advances by a man/boy to a woman/girl in a public place. AS per IPC the definitions are below-
    section 354 IPC-- offences involving force intended to outrage the "modesty" of a woman/girl in public place. Such acts comprise using force against the will of the woman , the intention to outrage her modesty.
    Criminal law amendment law 2013 provides the following sections.
    354A, 354B. 354C, 354D. for eve-teasing.
    354A -Sexual harassment of the nature of unwelcome physical contact and advances or demand or request for sexual favors, showing pornography imprisonment which may extent to 3 years or with fine or with both.
    354B- Assault or use of criminal force to women with intent to disrobe Imprisonment not less than three years but which may extend to seven years and with fine.
    354C -Voyeurism -Imprisonment not less than one year, but which may extend to 3years, and with fine for conviction. Imprisonment not less than 3years, but which may extend to 7 years,and with fine for second and subsequent conviction.
    354D Stalking- Imprisonment up to 3 years with fine for 1st conviction.
    Section 509 IPC--It includes verbal insults, sounds and gestures that are sexually colored and are intended to harass a woman/girl.
    Punishment for eve teasing is 1-7 years of jail/ jail with fine.

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  • Yes, eve teasing is a punishable offense as per Indian law.

    Eve teasing as per Indian law is an act or remark or action, an attitude or behavior of a person like verbal insults, gestures and sounds that are sexually colored.
    It also includes following acts:-
    - Force which is used to outrage modesty of a person,
    - Making physical contact which are offensive and unwelcoming in nature.
    - Unwelcoming vocal or physical comments of sexual nature.
    - Showing porn forcefully.
    - Disrobing a person.
    - Voyeurism.

    Cases against eve teasing:-
    - Section 354- Force used to outrage a person.
    - Section 509- Vocal insults or sounds to sexually harass a person.
    - Section 354A- Sexual harassment.
    - Section 354B- Force used to disrobe a person.
    - Section 354C- For voyeurism.
    - Section 354D- Stalking or contacting a person despite unwelcoming response.

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