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    Why the quality of Cameras of two different mobiles of same specification differ?

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    When we go through the camera's of two different mobile phones of same specification, say 13 mega pixel rear camera and 5 Mega pixel of front camera differ. In one company phones of like Sony or Samsung have higher quality while others even some good branded companies like Panasonic, Lenovo may not be up to the mark. Why this difference exists even though they are with the same camera specifications?
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  • People often mistake the megapixels and resolution for the picture quality. Those resolution and the megapixels only add more broader pixels inside the image. That does not mean the image is really good.

    For example, Xiaomi's camera has one of the best lenses for the image capture. Often that 8 MP lens calibrated at the values in such way that it can capture some of the good images. These images turn out to be of much better quality than the phones costing 20-30K with higher megapixels and resolution.

    The reason being the quality of the lens. Calibrating your phone lens with the settings that gives better exposure and the output. You have to always check the camera lens and the default values. Many expensive phones have added the high value megapixels and the resolution for the sake of it. However there is not much calibration and the depth given to the lens. This makes it hard for you to judge the images of expensive phones to the budget phones.

    And this is also one reason that two phones with same configuration may not have the better image quality. Always check that the value for PDAF, ISO and other settings offered by that phone. You'd find the quality of images on that basis.

  • Megapixels only indicates number of pixels an image is made up of. It does not mean that more the megapixel more better the photo will be. Thereby we can never compare two mobile phones or two cameras having same megapixels and expect the same results from both of them.

    Quality of camera depends on various factors:-
    1) Lens quality i.e., it should have sharpness, quality of bokeh etc.....
    2) Image stabilization through hardware,
    3) Software like stabilization,
    4) Resolution,
    5) Sensor size,
    6) Sensor quality i.e., it should produce less noise and should be high in dynamic range,
    7) Pixel size of censor,
    8) Camera firmware,
    9) Color reproduction quality of a camera etc.....

    Difference in so many factors will affect quality of cameras of two different mobiles of same specification.

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