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    Why there are very few temples of Brahma in India?

    Searching for locations of temples of Brahma in India? Wondering why there are so few in numbers in India? Check out suggestions from experts on this page.

    Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are considered to be the Trimurti's of Gods. Brahma is considered to be the God of creation. Vishnu is the preserver of the universe while Shiva is the destroyer of the world in order to re-create again. Both Vishnu and Shiva have many temples through out India and will be worshipped by a very large number of people. But Brahma, the creator of the universe have very few temples in India and not worshipped by many people.
    Why is this difference between the God's of same stature? Is there any Puranic or Vedic reason behind it. What are the few temples which are there for Brahma in India?
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    In the Rigveda, we find more mention of deities namely the Prajapati (Brahma), Aditi, Saraswathi, Agni, Indra, Varuna and Aditya etc. Most of these deities represent natural forces like rains, sun, ocean, fire , air etc. essential for sustaining human life. The Gods/Goddesses - Siva, Vishnu, Shakthi, Ganesh, Hanuman and Karthikeya etc. entered the scene predominantly subsequently during puranic age and many colorful mythological stories were spun around them.

    According to one such story, the God Brahma was cursed by none other than her own daughter Saraswati with an eternity of scant worship by all beings for a reason which is not worth mentioning here.

    There are many other myths about the reason, one being that the people tend to worship those deities e.g. Shiva, Vishnu and
    Shakti who fought many battles with their divine weapons to kill demons and thus protected them. In the case of God Brahma, there are no such associated stories.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I cannot say that my answer is perfect but to an extent we can believe it.
    Have you noticed any mainstream Hindu god without a major weapon in his/her hands? Have you ever wondered the reason? Mainstream Hindus have a bias for those gods who fight battles. Look at the 3 gods in terms of number of temples dedicated:
    These gods are known for fighting battles with evil forces .Their weapons such as the Sudharshana Chakra are also quite famous.
    Now, just think of the thses gods who don't fight and don't have weapons:
    Saraswathi (god of education)
    Brahma (god of Vedas)
    Brahaspathi/Dakshinamoorthi (god of learning)
    Agni (the god of the sacrifice/Yajna)

    They are worshipped at the corners of our temples.
    In this sense we can example of humans. We love men of action more than men of knowledge. That means gods like Brahma don't seem to be as much interest as warring gods like Vishnu.

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    The vedic and the textual references may vary. But based on the devdutta patnaik's recent explanation on this. The story goes something like, brahma once saw his daughter saraswati in a lustful way. And for that saraswati cursed him for not able to be worshipped by any human being on earth.

    Another story goes where parashuram rishi was going to meet the each god. However during the meet, he had issues meeting shiva and also brahma. And so he cursed both of them. Shiva was with the parvati in his solitude time so he cursed saying shiva's ling will be worshipped but not his idol. And brahma got curse that nobody will worship him at all.

    So there are multiple references and stories on this. And the accurate references would vary on this point.

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    Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the three deities/gods. According to purans Brahma was cursed by his own daughter goddess Swaraswati that he was not worshipped in the earth except Puskar(Rajsthan).
    There is another story that he was cursed by Vrigu muni(Father of demon guru Sukracharya). Vrigu samhita was written by Vrigu muni. When he went to Brahmalok and kailash , he was not welcome by Brahma and Shiva. Brahma was cursed by him that nobody will worship him at all. Shiva was cursed that only shiva linga was worshipped by the people.
    People loved shakti(Strength). Vishnu and Shiva have ayudha(weapons) that is sudarsan chakra and trisula by which they defeated the demons.

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    As far my opinion and what I have heard, once brahma and Vishnu set out to find the starting and ending of shiva in light form. Brahma set up in the sky as a swan, while vishnu set out as varaha and bored through the earth. But, they could not find the same. On the way of return, brahma met a ketaki flower, and asked from where it is coming from. It replied that it was offered to the light( shiva) and had fallen from there. Brahma, used ketaki flower and when asked, he replied that he has seen the head of the light. Shiva was angered by the false claim and hence, cursed brahma that he will not be worshipped in the temples and cursed ketaki flower that it will not be used for pooja. This is the story seen in shiva purana.

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    There is a story I read in a Purana about this. The story goes like this. Once there was a discussion among the three, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. The topic is who is great among themselves. Shiva declared himself as the supreme among the three. The other two asked what is the reasoner for this. Then Shiva told them if any one of you can see his top or bottom , he will accept him as greater than him. Both accepted. Brahma started travelling towards up and Vishnu towards down. But both of them couldn't find. So they started coming back. On the way Brahma met a cow. He told the cow that he will bluff with Shiva that he has seen his top and he made the cow forcibly to stay as witness.

    Both of them came back. Shiva asked Vishnu and Vishnu replied that he couldn't see. Then he asked Brahma. He bluffed as thought and brought the cow. The cow half heartily confirmed with face and negated with tail. Immediately he cursed Brahma and told that on earth you will not have temples. He also cursed cow and told that people will worship only his tail but not face.

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    A more sympathetic view, and holds that Brahma is just one manifestation of the Trinity. His role as the creator is over, so it is now left to Vishnu to preserve the world and Shiva to continue its path of cosmic reincarnation. Therefore the aspects that are important for the present as well as future are held in greater reverence.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

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