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    My Laptop is not starting - Caps lock / on off switch / charging LED continuosly blinks

    Having a problem starting laptop? Unsure of the reasons for this problem? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I have HP Pro book laptop which is not starting. When I start my Laptop and on / off switch LED and Caps Lock LED light started blinking continuously. I also plug in the charger and try to start after removing battery but it does not work.
    Can anyone here help me with that?
    What could be the problem and how did it suddenly happen?
    Experts: do respond.
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  • When you have issue with the hardware blinking like this the issue seems to be from the motherboard side. And for that you have to send the laptop to the service center.

    If you wish to troubleshoot on your own. try one of the following.

    1. Check the behavior of the laptop by removing the battery and connecting the laptop directly.
    2. Connect the laptop to alternative battery.
    3. Check by changing the keyboard of the laptop.

    See if one of the following options works for you. And based on that you can decide how to proceed.

    This is one of the issues where the issue lies in the circuit. And you have to send and get things repaired. Make sure that you are asking for the quote before you send the laptop. The reason being not many laptops recover from this sort of the error. As the motherboard and CPU damage may cause some circuit issues. And leads to make you replace most of the parts. And for that reason you have to ask before repairing because in such condition buying the new laptop can be one good option.

  • I too faced such a same problem with a Dell laptop. It's due to motherboard issues, this is due to Earth connection issue. circuit board gets affected is the root cause of this issue. Actually, I used to charge laptop through on extension box, instead of direct plug point connection. by that time itself. While touch inching laptop motherboard fan(back side)by keeping in hand I felt current passing(earth connection issues). but I didn't consider that much. at last motherboard hot crashed due that extension box(no proper circuit connection within that extension box). I found this after getting new laptop only. So, keep your charging plug point in safe way and use. In your case, either HP service center needs to find solution or try to change your laptop/motherboard.
    Note: I don't know how many years you are using that laptop. Due to long usage it might not be working properly. On your laptop keep the fan(motherboard) side free and check its activity after 15 mins by pressing F1(function key) . in screen ,if you found any warning error. you have to change your motherboard. else you can work on free.

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