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    How to start a playschool at low cost?

    Interested in starting a playschool? Searching for how to do so? On this Ask Expert page, you will get answers to all your queries.

    I want to start a playschool in Odisha, but my budget is very low, i.e. less than 3 lakh Rs. I have no idea about academic and registration procedure of a playschool. My friends say it requires more than 5 lakh Rs to start a play school.
    How to start a playschool at low cost and what is the registration procedure? In addition, under which banner or society the school need to be registered?
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  • Most of the people are opening the franchise type of the playschool. So the playschool under banner of kidzee and others may cost that high. Do note that other ways to starting the playschool may cost low. For example if you start the playschool without any third party franchise options, then you may earn all the profit. And you only have to manage the things such as CCTV, care takers, helpers and other documentation formalities. In order for that you'd not be needing more than 1L of setup. So that way you can reduce the cost. Start by offering playschool feature and then expand into the day care feature. Also you can start with summer school activity center. This can be good without much of an expenses. As for the registration process, there are some local municipal guidelines along with you have to start the legal entity as well.

  • Starting play school is simple then starting a school. You can start as franchise or your own . If you plan to start your own find out the location , If your location is in residential area then check out wether your rental agreement permits so. Then register it as a partnership firm or company . registering it as a partnership firm is advisable as it will take less time , less effort and less money . Making your play school as full time school require to need to follow some procedure. This all procedure can be finished in 3 lakh. Initially start with basic furniture and with less staff.

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